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Melina Divani

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House in Barcelona by Joan Arnau Farrasa

House in Barcelona by Joan Arnau Farrasa 2

This country villa, located in Barcelona (Spain) has been recently renovated by the project Spanish architect Joan Arnau Farrasa (Joan Arnau Farras) out of the studio 05 AM Arquitectura . The design of the interior space the author has tried to create a modern version of an old house, keeping...

Matt Damons Loft

  Damon’s character’s loft in The Adjustment Bureau is a modern throwback to a vintage era where less really was more. A character in and of itself, the loft that production designer Kevin Thompson created is as gorgeous as it is unattainable. (more…)

Wall Mounted fish bowl

A Wall Mounted Fish Tank is a fish tank that is mounted onto the wall. They are also known as portrait aquariums or wall aquariums. The tank is either actually hung on the wall using studs to help support the weight. Reflection Fish Bubble - Deluxe Mirrored Wall Mounted Fish...