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An Eclectic Bohemian Jungle

gray bohemian kitchen with wood open shelves

Liz Kamarul and her husband just sold this beautiful bohemian Portland home. Bohemian homes are unmistakable with its bright and colorful, textile-rich, laid-back ambiance. If you agree that nothing works best with patterned designs than another pattern, then you’d love to this Portland apartment.

Enter the living space and feel the warmth and comfort of home. The glass entrance door is situated between two large windows, where natural light is welcome to pass through to instantly brighten up the space. Plenty of seating will make you quite comfortable. Amid the black geometric wall is a couch lined with throws of different shapes, sizes and textures. Parallel to it is a photo wall gallery with a collection of stunning views in exquisite frames. Below the display are two nicely contoured, cushioned chairs with curved metal legs for a clean-lined look. The wall is contrastingly coated in white, yet perfectly complements the room’s entire color theme.

Earthy tones of furniture, decor, and the wood flooring blend well with bold Boho hues. The pieces look bulky and heavy, such as the center table and glass top round table, but are compensated with their white and mostly subtle colors. The kitchen adapts the same color combination, with light brown counter tops and shelves, white backsplash and black ceiling. Statement lighting over the square island with elegant stools create a cozy setting. The breakfast nook is just as lovely, with a small round table and two sleek chairs sitting by the window. A lamp pendant hangs lowly overhead, which when lit would enhance the flamingo wall mural.
The hallway leading to the bedroom features a wall with modern artwork of tree-shaped designs. A thin bed draped in textile and a few floor cushions maintain functionality within the space. Like the living room sofa, the bed rests on a black wall, layered with sheets and blankets after the other and Morocco-inspired accessories.

eclectic bohemian living room with art wall gallery and black wall

eclectic bohemian home decor idea eclectic bohemian bedroom idea

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Soft fur, frills, pillows, and carpets lay wherever bare space may be, as expected of a Boho home. Sheepskin rugs, bird ornaments, animal sculptures, decor and textile with animal prints, patterned murals and wall hangings complete the jungle theme. The addition of greenery makes the Boho home even more vibrant. Big or small, wall-hung or placed in intricate vases, pots, or woven baskets, the house plants breathe in life across all the rooms of the jungle retreat.


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