Amazing 16th Century Manor House

Manor House

Amazing 16th Century Manor House I love all the details of this home in Girona, Spain, photographed by talented Mauricio Fuertes. This unique flat is part of a 16th century manor house with a beautiful courtyard. This property was once the house of a bishop and the influenza have renovated it in a unique and beautiful way. The walls have been stripped revealing the original stone, visual obstacles have been removed and the roof has been rebuilt with large open skylights. The space has been reclaimed into an open plan loft, giving us a personal vision and a new concept of a home in a modern loft. At the sight of the imposing stone walls we see that this property was not built in two days. The floor is continuous concrete with solid wooden stairs split by imposing steel stairs. The combination of the inert and motionless with the vividness of the light, the stone contrasted with the white paint, and a vintage decor, have made this fascinating house, versatile and current. It is a part of the history of the city, built and renovated to last. Manor House 2 Manor House 3 Manor House 4 Manor House 5 Manor House 6 Manor House 7 Manor House 8 Manor House 9 Manor House 10 Manor House 11 Manor House 12 Manor House 13 Manor House 14 Manor House 15 Manor House 16 Manor House 17 Manor House 18 Manor House 19 Manor House 26 Manor House 27

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