450 Square Feet Apartment Design

The “ApĂȘ Simpatia” might be compact and reduced in size, but there is plenty of room for friendliness, warmth and laughter here: its very fitting name means “friendliness” in Portuguese. This beautiful apartment in the heart of Brasilia, Brazil is only 450 square feet (44 square meters). That is more than plenty thanks to the smart design of the space. Every single piece of furniture has been integrated where it needs to be: no room for wasted space here.

The young, friendly couple that love this appartment have a busy social life. They enjoy cooking and inviting friends home. So they asked Lez Arquiteitura to make the most out of their space and rethink the small design of the appartment in a way it could fit all their furniture and use all its space without seeming cluttered or claustrophobic.

450 Square Feet Apartment Interior Design

The project was challenging but succesful and incredibly rewarding. The appartment looks beautiful, organized and clean while still having everything needed to live comfortably. In the original plan, the mezzanine area took only half of the upper floor. Finally they decided to remodel it to take the entire space, making the room much bigger and spacious; and keeping the lower room for more social, fun purposes.

Lez Arquiteitura wanted to create different yet cohesive ambiences for every room. They opted to use materials such as wood and ashy colours. They create a beautiful, trendy and modern atmosphere that is very cozy and comfortable for those “cocooning days”. The entirety of the appartment looks rather put together thanks to the repeated use of this materials.

Different spaces or areas are also delimited through the usage of the furniture. In one side, we have the “social” area with a beautiful television stand and cabinet with a shelf in one side that is not too visually impactful. It blends seamlessly with the look of the room and holds cups, glasses, coffee machine, ice maker and many other small appliances. For example the space under the stairs was used to integrate the freezer and fridge, the laundry machine and several storage items.

The motto of this appartment is amplitude and integration. The apartment despite its small size, looks roomy, elegant and not cluttered. The masterful usage of space, colour and light makes up for a home that looks much bigger, and spacious, than it actually is.

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  1. Thank you for wonderful ideas. In Mediterranean culture “small places” ideas never works. But I am Canadian living in Med. This site has been new aspiration to me. I am going to use my creativeness, vision and craziness in this field as a hobby.

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