3 Reasons Why This Apartment Design Will Be Trending in 2021

You’ll adore this innovative take on the industrial, city apartment. Making your small apartment luxuriously spacious is simple with these unique (home decor trends 2021) design choices. Polished metal and black appliances in the kitchen area do so much to open up the small space. The reflection of light, along with the curved dimensions of the stove hood breaks up any harsh lines of the apartment’s city interior (read: leave the city outside, not inside). It’s easy to pass over the incognito stovetop, which blends in perfectly and gets an A+ for functionality, too.

Minimalism is key here to avoid the distraction of the eye. It might be tempting to pick out those marble counters to add a little palatial feel, but as you can see in this room, the pure white is the perfect contrast to the black appliances.

Innovative Color Scheming

One common pitfall of apartments (especially smaller ones) going for the Swedish minimalist style is the overuse of white. Minimalism is not about making all your furnishings or decor white. Rather, it can be said that it’s the creative use of black or complimentary wood grain to accentuate the room. The eye gets lost in an all-white room, especially when the style demands that there be as few furnishings as possible. That doesn’t happen in this kitchen, as the large, black frames of the window draw the eye inwards to the open area of the kitchen. We have a similar concept happening in the bedroom. The graphite curtains (2021 home decor trends) in the corner add just a little dimension to break up the otherwise all-white walls. The end table is a fantastic choice–with the number of black accents already in the overall space, the sumptuous dark wood grain is a cozy addition where it’s needed most.

Knowing What to Avoid, When

Another common pitfall among minimalist apartments? Green. By that, we mean plants, plants, and more plants. Adding too many plants to a minimalist space like this can quickly derail simplicity into overgrown tropics– even worse if they’re fake plants. That doesn’t happen here. Peep the small plant on the radiator? We love that. Small, understated, and easy to care for.

Simplicity Meets Luxury

Lastly, the other style technique that this apartment champions is the understated yet regal bathroom. Here, an otherwise cramped city apartment bathroom is transformed into something of the likes of a five-star hotel. In an unprecedented reversal, we have marble tiling in both light and dark tones. If we wanted to avoid the overly messy kitchen, now we want to avoid the overly simplistic, white on white bathroom. This does it in a stunning, resort-like quality. We could go on about the other things that make this apartment a diamond in the rough, but you’ll have to take our word that this space is a fresh look in 2021.


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