26 Futuristic Bedroom Designs

Futuristic Bedroom Designs

Futuristic bedroom designs turn your bedroom into a beautiful place that matches your taste and preferences. Your bedroom is the most private place where you can relax and forget all about the hustles and bustles of life. It is therefore the place for the future since it is where you meditate and plan your life. To encourage the thought process, the room should be well designed with the right colors, fabrics, art work and patterns among other interior décor ideas. Contact futuristic interior design for wonderful bedroom designs that assure you a bright future.

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You and I know that how your bedroom wall and floor looks like determines how attractive the room is. Futuristic bedroom designs and ideas will advice you to pick great colors which are quite often neutral colors for your walls and carpeting. The look should allow peace of mind and comfort.

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It is also a great interior design idea to add color variations and texture through bedroom fabrics. According to futuristic interior designs advice, the curtain you choose has to match the color theme of the whole room. The texture, color and the pattern of the beddings too have to be inline with the general interior design theme of the bedroom. Did you think that a curtain or bedding is just any fabric? If yes, you are very wrong.

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The bedroom furniture helps you to design your bedroom. Your tastes and preferences should guide you to make a perfect design that brings out who you are. A well designed dressing table, night stand, wardrobes and bed among other furniture compliments the interior décor of your bedroom. Do not be afraid to go for sturdy and heavy traditional wooden furniture. You will be surprised to see that it goes well with both traditional and modern themes. Other accessories such as bedroom lamps also make a big difference.

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All the photos above are from Lush Motel in Brazil designed by architects Francisco Calio and Fabiola Fera from Calio. For 20 years, Côncavo e Convexo has been one of São Paulo most traditional Motels (known in Brazil as “love hotels”). In 2012, they decided to remodel the facade and suites to cater to a more sophisticaded public.

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Futuristic interior design by Nickolai Yegorov.

The futuristic interior design based around the “Ness bed” by Sawaya & Moroni. Bed furniture idea is just my design interpretation of bed “Ness” by  Sawaya & Moroni.

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Did you know that space can either kill or make interior design? How much space you have and how you organize your bedroom determines how it will look like eventually. If the general color theme is right, the furniture is right, the walls, floorings and ceiling are good but the room looks crowded, you have very little to celebrate. A good futuristic bedroom designs idea is to use under bed drawers for storage if you have limited space. Another idea is to place TV on top of a dresser.

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