How To Use Space At Top Of Closet

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It’s easy to overlook the space at the top of your closet; it often becomes a resting place for seldom-used items or a pile-up of things we’ve forgotten. However, with a bit of creativity and planning, you can transform this underutilized area into a valuable storage asset. In this blog post, I’ll share some friendly tips on how to maximize the space at the top of your closet, making it both functional and tidy.

Assess Your Needs

Before diving into reorganization, take a moment to consider what you need most from your closet space. Is it extra room for seasonal items like holiday decorations or winter gear? Or do you need a spot to store additional bedding and linens? Understanding your storage needs will guide you in making the most effective use of the space.

Invest in the Right Storage Solutions


6 pack storage containers for organizing clothing with 60L capacity

Once you know what you want to store, choosing the right storage solutions is key. Here are a few options:

  • Storage Bins: Clear plastic bins are great because they let you see what’s inside without needing to pull them down. Label each bin by category (e.g., “Christmas Decorations,” “Winter Sports Gear”) to save time and avoid frustration.
  • Stackable Units: If you prefer a more structured look, consider stackable storage units. These can be configured to fit the dimensions of your closet, offering a clean and cohesive appearance.
  • Vacuum-Sealed Bags: For bulky items like out-of-season clothing, vacuum-sealed bags can reduce volume and protect garments from dust and pests.

Utilize Vertical Dividers

closet Vertical Dividers

Set of 4 Vertical Closet Wood Shelf Divider

If your closet top is wide, you might find that items tend to get stacked and forgotten. Vertical dividers can help keep different categories of items separate and accessible. These can be as simple as sturdy cardboard dividers, or more permanent wooden ones, depending on your preference and budget.

Implement a Retrieval System

Polished Chrome Soft-close Expanding closet Lift

Polished Chrome Soft-close Expanding Wardrobe Lift

Storing items out of reach can make retrieval a chore. Simplify this with a small step ladder or a sturdy stool that fits neatly in or near your closet. Also, consider a grabbing tool to easily reach items that are too high up without needing to climb.

Keep It Seasonal

To maximize efficiency, rotate items in and out based on the season. Store your winter gear at the top of the closet during the summer, and swap it out for beach towels and lighter linens as the weather warms. This rotation strategy not only keeps your closet organized but also makes items easier to find when you need them.

Maintenance Tips

Keeping your top shelf organized is an ongoing process. Every few months, take a quick inventory to ensure everything is in its rightful place and that you’re still using the space as efficiently as possible. This will help prevent the area from becoming a “catch-all” space again.

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The top of your closet doesn’t have to be a forgotten wasteland. With a little effort and the right organizational tools, you can turn it into a valuable storage area that makes your life a little easier. Remember, the key to effective use of any storage space is regular maintenance and reevaluation of your needs. Happy organizing!

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