10 Ways to Style Your Kitchen Counter Like a Pro

how to Style Your Kitchen Counter

Each and every person has their own way they like their counter top to be, so don’t let us tread on your toes! If you do happen to like some of our tips, then feel free to try them, love them – and share them! Our kitchen experts love these tips, and utilise each and every one of these tips every day.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your kitchen, this post is definitely for you.

We believe that keeping your counter-top clean, pretty and clutter-free is the way forward. You should have as little as possible on your counter-top, whether you have a lot of space, or a little.

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1. If your counter-top is relatively clear, other than a few items such as salt, pepper and vinegar, then this tip is for you. You can easily improve the aesthetics of your kitchen countertop by elevating those items using a basket.



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2. Everybody keeps soap  and sponges near their sink right? How many of you simply place them on your window-sill, or directly on the kitchen countertop? Here’s a great alternative. You can use a vintage container to hold all of these items. This makes cleaning the kitchen much easier, and also makes your kitchen look gorgeous.

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3. You can also use a cake stand for ingredients! If you cook a lot, why not use a cake stand (or two) to hold key ingredients such as chocolate chips and raisins? We love this idea, and it looks absolutely wonderful in any kitchen, especially if you can find a cake stand with the same colour scheme as your kitchen.


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4. A tray next to your hob is not only practical, but is aesthetically pleasing. Extra points if you use a natural wood tray…



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5. Adding plants onto your kitchen countertop adds a sense of nature into your kitchen, and looks great!

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6. Wire baskets are great too, using them for your recipe books.

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7. Growing your own herbs can make your meals taste so fresh and make your kitchen look great.


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8. Using mason jars for honey, flour and sugar looks great. It looks a lot better than having a bag of flour on your kitchen countertop.

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9. Create a cozy kitchen coffee corner.

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10. Cutting boards can look great too!

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If you have your own great ideas, comment them below to share them with everyone else! We would love to hear your own ideas about how you style your kitchen counters, and I’m sure our readers would too!

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