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10 Super Ways To Add Storage To Your Kitchen

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Not everyone has the additional storage space when it comes to their kitchen. Sometimes things need to be shuffled around. It’s about repurposing old unused items and creating a new system from the old one. That may seem a bit tricky, but it’s all about being creative to prevent the clutter that can make a kitchen look unsafe and unsanitary.

There are a number of DIY projects that can be used if the budget is tight, or you can use professionally installed storage ideas if money is no object. Overall, it’s about being creative, imaginative, and enhancing efficiency. Here are 10 super ideas to help get your kitchen in order.

10 SUPER KITCHEN STORAGE IDEAS kitchen storage ideas 2

1. Mount a dish rack to your kitchen wall and free up countertop space. It will add an artistic touch to your kitchen décor too. kitchen storage ideas 3

2. Purchase a few clear apothecary jars. You can find them in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Place them on your countertop to store frequently used food items like cereals, rice, pasta, and coffee. The effect is quite unique. kitchen storage ideas 4

3. A simple pegboard in metal adds a modern and industrial addition to your kitchen. This customizable solution is perfect for pots and pans along with big-spoons and spatulas. kitchen storage ideas 5

4. Attach a long stainless steel rod with S-hooks in the ideal spot, perhaps above your sink or on a sidewall. This will save you from digging through a cluttered kitchen drawer. kitchen storage ideas 6

5. Use windowsills and corners to hideaway small appliances and other kitchen basics. kitchen storage ideas 7

6. Built-in bookcases are a treat in a kitchen. The space can be used for cookbooks, spices, knickknacks, etc. kitchen storage ideas 8

7. An armoire in a kitchen can be a great display case and storage center. Don’t have enough room for dishes in your regular space? Use the armoire to store them and create a beautiful display. Add dried flowers to spruce it up. kitchen storage ideas 9

8. Install a metal rack, or material of your choice, for your colander, pots and pans, utensils, or anything you use in your kitchen that has a handle. The look is sleek and up-to-date. kitchen storage ideas 10

9. Backsplashes make cool storage areas. Add magnetized-strips to one side of a finished board, and attach it to the backsplash to store knives. They will be easy to grasp and quick to put away. kitchen storage ideas 11

10. If there is a bit of additional wall space in your kitchen and no room for extra cabinet space, add a few floating-shelves. Place hooks under the shelves for hanging cups, utensils, or dishtowels.

There are endless ways to add storage space to your kitchen. Just think outside the box and go for it!

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