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stylish fresh design small kitchen table ideas

Many people think the focal point of a home is the family room. I would have to disagree. Within an average lifetime, 73 years, a person will spend the equivalent of over 5 years in the kitchen. Cooking meals, entertaining guests with a drink, and the occasional snack. The question is, why wouldn’t you want to sit in style? With these small kitchen table ideas, you can have a stylish kitchen no matter its size! Check them out!

Image: bonjour vintage

small kitchen table ideas

With a contemporary style, this kitchen suite is stylish and efficient. With the available seating for three or four there isn’t a shortage of floor space with this style. Open flooring and white, bright light colors give this kitchen the feeling of being wide open. Yet, it is able to fit a small family with comfort.

You can do wonders with a small kitchen table


smallkitchen table ideas 2

This coastal nook and traditional seating create a readers dinning escape. With the natural light freely flowing into the ambience of the room, and the chandelier hanging relatively close to the table this little corner of a reader’s paradises ready for a family to have a wonderful home cooked meal or for the kids to come in from school to sit and do their homework.

Image: MidwestLiving

smallkitchen table ideas 3

A simple colorful design with great wall art and some reflective surfaces brings new life to dismal corner. With a wraparound bench seat covered in comfort, you can’t help but sit and grin at your focal point masterpiece. Especially if it’s your art that will be hanging on the wall.

Earth colors used in kitchen

Earth colors in kitchens is a great color option. Especially when you combine this color with some small kitchen table ideas like these. The colors of the tables, their materials and so on make the difference here. Check these ideas out!

Image: Haley Sheffield

smallkitchen table ideas 4

Maybe you lack the space for a proper table. That’s not a problem, because I already have your solution. Fold up chairs with a collapsible small kitchen table makes this country coastal design more efficient for a small flat or a single bedroom apartment. Considering a lack of cabinet space and floor space, this simple design is best.

smallkitchen table ideas 5

Taking space into consideration more so than our last display, this little slice of Americana brings new meaning to keeping it simple. With a single support bar there is plenty of leg room for the hustling bustling couple in today’s world. And with quick, easy clean up and hide away, this design is suitable even as a little extra pizazz in the largest kitchens.

Image: Schoener Wohnen

smallkitchen table ideas 7

Perfect for the chef of the house or the little chef in training. This rolling hide away counter top make those wonderful family meals, that can feed an army, created with a sort of ease. The beautiful and simple style with a bright elegant color help the cabinets stand out above all else. This is a true sight to behold and a great conversation piece in the kitchen.

Image: HGTV

smallkitchen table ideas 8

With a traditional color and style of table, simplicity is key in this design. A single sided nook seat comfortably seats two, or it can be one depending on if you want to stretch out against the wall with a good snack and a new wonderful tale of adventure.

Image: Shabby Look

Why not try a Retro Style kitchen like this?

frames in a room and indoor plants

So little room, but so much can be done. With a narrow walk space and bright high ceiling, this style is easily navigated and understood. A simple, traditional small kitchen table and retro, backless stools make this kitchen enjoyable for those who like the simpler things in life.

Image: stadshem

round lamp and open shelves

Retro style seating and bright vibrant colors bring about a new type of traditional style. Space is never an issue with this wonderful and open décor. Under the counter cabinet’s and wall shelves help keep order in the chaos of cooking, as some of us know. Comfortably seating two at the island or four at the table, this is by far the best design for a small friendly get together.

Image:blog westelm

patterned pillows and frames on the wall

Retro art, an empty bottom, wrapped nook and round table make you feel like an arts and crafts guru ready to bring a new creation to life. Storage is never in short supply considering all you have to do is look down. The perfect contrast of lines and edges with the circular flow of the table help add a type controllable chaos that can only be considered true beauty.

Image:  little house big city

I hope you liked these small kitchen table ideas. The truth is, the more you look at these, the more sure you can feel about making a good choice. Small kitchen tables are a great way to organize your space and be stylish at the same time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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