10 Stylish Aluminium-Stainless Steel Kitchen Designs

stainless steel kitchen cabinets

Stainless has come out of professional kitchens and into the home. Aluminium-Stainless Steel Kitchens are pristine and practical and sheen are the ultimate in city chic. Stainless steel is also “green” and healthy For those who are looking for environmentally safe products, with no adverse effects on the environment or the people in it, stainless is ideal. Take a look at this great collection of 10 Stylish Aluminium-Stainless Steel Kitchen Designs.

vintage stainless steel kitchen

Beautiful stainless steel kitchen in a home in Barcelona designed by Dalla Polvere.

amazing stainless steel sink under windows

Amazing stainless steel sink.These cub windows maximise light and set the uncompromising blockish tone of this industrial kitchen. The stainless steel sink and worktop completes the utilitarian look.

photograph Narratives/Jan Baldwin

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valcucine contemporary aluminium kitchen

Contemporary aluminium kitchen by VALCUCINE. Steel is being used more and more often in the kitchen because of its technical characteristics of resisitance and hygiene as well as the sense of professionalism that it gives off. Steel does however have one serious fault: it shows handprints even if the hands are clean. Valcucine has adopted a new treatment for aluminium which, through a satin finshing and special oxidization, takes on the look of steel, but without the bothersome problem of fingerprints.

stainless steel kitchen with metal drawers

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ERNESTOMEDA contemporary aluminium kitchen
Informal, youthful, with original design criteria, produced with colours and materials that recall the typical colour-schemes of the ’70s: italian kitchens Seventy by ERNESTOMEDA.
Surfaces in laminate, the star feature in its many bright, forceful colours, glass, and the distinctive simple, convenient shape of the handles, all give character to this programme with its lively yet sophisticated layout.

stainless steel cabinets and wood countertop

boffi contemporary aluminium kitchen

Contemporary aluminium kitchen by Luigi Massoni for Boffi. Produced in 1972, first kitchen to be conceived without handles. Today it is a classic and the door opening of base and wall units is due to the recessed hand-rail made of aluminium profile. Available tops: in granite, marble, stone, stainless steel, wood and laminate.
Modular system composed by units with square-edged doors or doors with one rounded edge. Hob units and sinks can be built-in or flush-mounted on tops and welded on stainless steel tops.

glass aluminium kitchen euromobile

Contemporary design and a combination of différent materials, ail set off by a slender aluminium frame. New household spaces.distinguished by free-standing volumes, a really handy furnishing concept. Alutema doors, set off by a slender aluminium frame, are also available in an élégant version with integrated aluminium handle, for an essential and contemporary design. Innovative materials and accurate workmanship for a cuit environment, designed to meet even professional needs. An essential style, innovative solutions for a modem lifestyle: this is Alutema by Euromobil, a perfect combination of élégance, design and function.

GAMADECOR contemporary aluminium kitchen

Contemporary aluminium kitchen GAMADECOR.

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