10 Romantic Paris Themed Bedroom You ‘ll Love

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Paris is one of the most desired and appealing destinations in the world. Paris is a city of romance, glamour, and magic. Eiffel Tower stands out in Paris and is one of the most unique things to see. You do not need to travel to Paris in order to experience the glamour and the magical kide. You can experience Paris right from your bedroom through the Paris bedroom décor.

How Do I Make My Bedroom a Paris Theme?


The colors chosen for your Paris bedroom décor should show passion, love, and romance. Rich reds are not only simple, but also classic in showing the level of intensity that is associated with Paris.


The French bedroom is toned way down. In addition to that, you need to do away with bright colors. Moreover, your celling fan should be a sparkly chandelier. Chandelier is a common theme in French architecture, and it brings luxury to your bedroom. The good thing with chandeliers is that they are stylish, classic, and they add soft light to your bedroom.

Paris Themed Bedroom


If you are to have a strong Parisian theme, you have to use the right bedding. The Parisian style prefers neutral bedding. Colors such as light grey do go very well with the Parisian style. Do not have many pillows in your bedroom as this is not common in a Parisian style.

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The nightstand should not be too big for the size of the bed, and it should be kept simple. A mid-century night stand could do very well in order to get a Paris bedroom décor. If you prefer, a contemporary might stand can also do, but not a mirrored nightstand.


For a female teenager, the Paris bedroom décor plays a critical role in cultivating femininity. One suggestion is that the bedroom should have colors that contrast with black. In addition to that, place some real flowers around the bedroom.

The Parisian decoration comes with glitz and glamour. With decorations, you can use French language. For example, you can have the words Je T’aime which means I love you. Such words and phrases can be very entertaining and fun as you immerse yourself in the French culture.

Parisian Bedroom Decor



The Parisian décor is contemporary, minimalist, and warm. The furniture is simple but polished. The Parisian décor philosophy is based on mixing up things, for example, refined and polished, ort new and old.

Paris is known for its unique artwork, both in history and in the contemporary world. You could think about investing in Parisian artwork. Platforms such as Anthroplogie are a very good source of artwork for your bedroom.

Stunning Parisian Interiors



By choosing the Paris bedroom décor, you are going to have a strong aesthetics in your bedroom. In addition to that, you are going to challenge yourself on how creative you can become, and at the same time, you are going to show a high level of innovation. Overall, the Paris bedroom décor is not only unique, but you are going to replicate Paris right in your bedroom.

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