10 Glamorous Bedroom Ideas to Remodel your Bedroom

Glamorous Bedroom with grey blankets

Check out some glamorous bedroom ideas that blend chick ideals with functionality, individuality, together with textures, colors, and patterns. Luxurious furniture, embellished fabrics, and gorgeous light fixtures are key to creating a knock-out glamorous bedroom look. This is what glam bedroom decor has to offer. And many more. So let’s see some good examples and ideas this style comprises of.

Golden hues, vintage furniture, unique objects, and stunning wall décor are glamorous bedroom furnishing ideas that look and feel dramatic and stylish, too. Also, vintage and antique furniture, modern styles in various materials like chrome, accent pieces, dramatic colors, all will give you that glamorous look you want to achieve.

Image: Tara Dudley


black and white glamorous bedroom

1. Black and gold flawlessly complement each other and add a deeply rich glamorous touch to any bedroom. Whether you use a black velvet bed covering with gold satin pillows, or a mirror with a gold frame, this combination is totally glamorous.

Image: The Design Daredevil

white bedroom with white walls

2. White is always stunning, especially with gold trims. It looks chic, modern, and totally fantastic!

Image: The Doctor’s Closet

above bed mirror

3. Mirror placed on the headboard region looks glamorous and elegant.

white bed and an impressive big chandelier

4. A chandelier is always a must in a glamorous bedroom. If you can’t find an awesome chandelier that suits by your needs, try placing two gorgeous lamps on your night tables on either side of your bed.

sil and satin for glam bedroom decor

5. Silk and satin fabrics are glamorous and luxurious. Try silk or satin pillows, duvet, pillowcases, or a silk throw blanket in a rich color. Now, this is what glam bedroom decor should look like. It’s simple, yet beautiful with satin making the biggest impression here.

Image: gingerlily

bed covers with patterns

More bedroom styles for you

6. Bed covers with patterns, laced pendant lights, plush accent rugs, and other similar objects will bring out the glamour in any room.

glam bedroom decor with black and white

7. Don’t be shy about choosing modern and minimalist furnishings that add glamour and luxury to your bedroom décor. Impressive light features can be added to increase the glamour effect.

Glamorous Bedroom Ideas 8

8. Add exclusive items and accessories such as fabric shade lamps, long mirrors with a baroque frame, or any ornamented accent piece.

Image:  Christina Hamoui

Glamorous Bedroom Ideas 9

9. Large moldings, oversized irregular-curves, pillars, luxurious fabrics, and inlaid-wood floors can add that special touch to create a glamorous ambiance.

Image: On Site Antiques

glam bedroom decor with purple details

10. Remember, that gold can be a staple when putting a glamorous bedroom together. Gold together with rich shades like blue or purple, and other hues like white, black, green, and pink, will also add a rich effect resulting in knock-out glamour and sophistication.

Image: Lauren by Ralph Lauren King Comforter

Creating a glamorous bedroom does not have to be complicated. You can choose from a broad range of textures, materials, shapes, colors, and lighting, in addition to modern, vintage, and art-deco furnishings and accessories. It all depends on how you put them together. Keep in mind that the bedroom is your own personal space; therefore, let your imagination run free and create the type of glamorous boudoir you’ve always dreamed of!

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