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10 Fresh and Pretty Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

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Glowing yellow, dove white or mossy green are just a few of the hues that can really transform your kitchen from the drab space it currently is, to an exciting space, commensurate with the great meals you make there in. Here is a choice of ten fresh and pretty colours you should pick for your kitchen.

light grey kitchen

1. Light Grey – This hue has a dramatic effect that is perfect for kitchen cabinetry. It gives a result that is both sophisticated and contemporary and since it is neither too blue nor too green, it contrasts perfectly with antique brass cabinet handles. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a gray cabinet kitchen, as it’s amazing and very modern.

navy matte kitchen

2. Navy Matte – This finish that has extreme depth. Despite its stunning darkness, you can create attractive lighter illusions by installing bleached raw oak cabinets and using the hue as a backdrop.

Image: Elle Decor  / Photography: Patrick Cline

Clean White kitchen

3. Clean White – This colour has a perfect warm neutral feel that is great on the kitchen walls, for clean white cabinetry and for an overall creamy finish.

Mossy Green kitchen

4. Mossy Green – If you have or are planning to install gold marble countertop or have cabinetry that spot brass hardware that is not lacquered then this hue is perfect. It has a clay undertone that brings a wealth of sophistication to your kitchen.

Image: Greg Natale

Regent Green kitchen

5. Regent Green – As hues go, this dark green colour works great in traditional homes with classic cabinetry. Though it leaves a moodier and bolder finish, it still is period-appropriate and is perfect especially where black is seen to send out a too masculine or too contemporary vibe.

Earthy Red kitchen

6. Earthy Red – This hue is appetizing and therefore befits the kitchen island. It creates a dramatic focus and shifts attention from the other areas of the cooking area to the kitchen island, which in most instances is subtle because of traditional dull hues associated with it.

Image: Trent Bell via Maine Home & Design

Glossy Deep Blue kitchen

7. Glossy Deep Blue – Here is one colour that will leave your kitchen with a striking polish, pop and classic feeling. It is perfect for lower cabinetry and most especially if you can pair it with a lighter hue, say, Dove White.

Image: apartment therapy

Dove White and grey kitchen cabinets

8. Dove White – This softer shade of white is light and luminous, which makes it the perfect candidate for painting kitchen trims and mouldings. It also works well  if contrasted with light grey.

Image: Studio McGee

Glowing Yellow kitchen

9. Glowing Yellow – While this hue may be used as the major theme, it can also complement white and grey, which are common in many kitchens now.

Glowing Yellow kitchen

10. Navy Blue – This hue is durable, ultra-gloss, of high marine quality and a perfect choice for many applications in the kitchen.

Image: helynno PHOTOGRAPHY

teal kitchen

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