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10 Chateau Chic Bedroom Ideas

10 Chateau Chic Bedroom Ideas

In interior décor, none comes close to the massive popularity of French designs enjoy. It’s quaint, rustic, antique and beautiful. Making use of plenty of ornamentation and wood, it can be modest or upscale.

If you really love the look like millions others, try it out on your chic bedroom. You can have white dressers and vanities, beds with turned legs, gauzy curtains and bursts of bright colors with fresh flowers. There are countless ideas that you can put to practice in your French bedroom!

The best thing about genuine French bedroom furniture is that it has style and character. Generally, this type of furniture is made from mahogany, and has romantic flavor. These days, you can have modern versions made using cheaper soft woods, which makes them budget-friendly.

Color is another important feature of French bedroom furniture. Although, white is most popular, some pastel shades such as lavender, mauve, eggshell blues and mint green are also being used. Heavy wooden pieces are chunky and straightforward but curvy shapes are often seen on the legs of dressing tables and chairs. Intricate detailing is another exclusive feature that is both classic and classy. Hearts and organic shapes provide an elegant feminine touch.

If you want exclusive furnishings for your chic bedroom, choose handmade French furniture. It is famous for its value, uniqueness and class. It offers you the quality that can be passed down through generations because it is very durable. Though it is slightly expensive, but it is indeed worth the price. Another benefit of exclusive furniture is that it is unique; so no two pieces will be same.

Have a close look at what we’ve picked which can be easily applied to any bedroom, modest or grand:

* The bed-Bed is an important furniture piece in any bedroom. You can choose a distressed paint finish or not. If bed has high headboards and footboards, you can paint it white to give it a fresh look. Bed skirts are a great idea especially if they are carved, but don’t overdo it.

A couple of deep, soft pillows, fluffy duvet and a bedcover patterned richly in regal colors of cold, wine red or pale blues will make a nice contrast. All those who prefer a bed with wooden finish should use plenty of white bedding.

* Chairs-Instead of shiny metal, opt for wrought iron which looks stylish as chairs. You can invest in distressed pieces, but don’t confuse them with rust. If furniture you’ve chosen is corroded, remove all the rust and repaint it. You can add grains of “old-looking” paint to create a used look.

* Dressers-Dressers look great in distressed white paint. Some designers opt for all-white which is a good solution for a hassle-free French décor. You can, however, break up this color with black or silver drawer handles. Finish it off with personal effects, a glass vase of flowers, or an ornately designed wall mirror.

* Carpets-If you want to use carpets in your bedroom, go for sober tones, such as white, cream, warm brown or beige. When floor is to be kept bare, wooden flooring is best as concrete doesn’t live up to aesthetics. Make sure it is treated to high sheen or polished/ waxed to add to the overall distressed look.

* Wardrobes-Skip ornately carved wardrobes in favor of those with a decorative element. Don’t substitute functionality for looks or you’ll find yourself out of storage space!

* Window treatments-French curtains are rich or sober in color and come with or without patterns. Skip shutters unless they’re necessary and install large window panes with glasses. Swags and valences are common and instantly beautify a bedroom.

Remember, French décor is all about simplicity, rustic beauty and elegance. You can choose to go royal, bourgeois, or simple country. What really matters is carved, slim furniture, plenty of wood, dominant sober colors, and no metal and leather. Chateau Chic Bedroom Ideas 2 french Chateau Chic Bedroom Ideas 3 french Chateau Chic Bedroom Ideas 4

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