Unique Salt And Pepper Shakers

Unique Salt And Pepper Shakers

Even the smallest details in your kitchen play an important role to what impressions you leave. For example, salt and pepper shakers are one of those kitchen features that make the difference. Especially when you have guests coming for dinner, you should think of shopping ideas like this one. Each and every part of the table will create a specific feeling. Don’t you want that to be pleasant and beautiful? Then try this unique pair of shakers!

Special salt and pepper shakers

Smooth round shaped shakers does not make them just beautiful but also very comfortable to hold. They can be arranged in any way possible turned upside down and they will always look absolutely amazing.

RawOriginals make them out of most gorgeous woods: Maple, Wallnut, Cherry, Iroko, Beech.
Their contemporary shape really compliments these varieties of hardwood. Find these unique shakers here.

Unique Salt And Pepper Shakers 2 Unique Salt And Pepper Shakers 3

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