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Top 5 Fun and Fresh Bathroom Ideas

Top 5 Fun and Fresh Bathroom Ideas 3

We love bathrooms. They’re functional but a hoot to decorate and give a vibe that is completely personal, without burning a hole in your pocket. There are so many styles for bathrooms and bathroom suites out there, but here are the top 5 that really make us swoon.

Top 5 Fun and Fresh Bathroom Ideas 5

Geometry-inspired bathroom design
Shapes can give a bathroom a fun vibe and can make a small bathroom look bigger especially if you use bright and bold colors. You can use stripes, for example, to bring movement to a bathroom without making it look too cluttered. White and green stripes give off a cool, calming effect while adding movement to a bathroom.

Top 5 Fun and Fresh Bathroom Ideas 6

Hidden shelving and cabinets
Bathrooms are often small, cramped spaces so expertise in maximizing space is essential. You can create more space to move around in while providing for ample storage by hiding your cabinets behind large mirrors. The mirrors will give the illusion of more space while covering up your bathroom and medicine cabinets, giving the space a clean, uncluttered and streamlined look.

Top 5 Fun and Fresh Bathroom Ideas 7

White and spartan
Doing a bathroom in all white is not as crazy as it sounds. White opens up a room, allows more natural light to come in, and can help you create a clean and simple space without the need for too much accessories. A large tub on a white pebbled floor, a few pieces of framed prints on the wall, one or two candles by the tub and your favorite books in a pile creates the perfect spartan yet comfy setting for a relaxing soak.

Top 5 Fun and Fresh Bathroom Ideas 2

Eye-catching wall treatments
There are times when too simple is simply too much. If you want to add a touch of color or a few details here and there, you can start with a wall treatment such as a framed or canvas print. White walls will accommodate a colorful painting or print and will make the room come alive. Floral prints will work great if you want to give your bathroom an instant feminine appeal.

Top 5 Fun and Fresh Bathroom Ideas

Bold wallpaper
You can use colors and textures of wallpaper to instantly transform your bathroom. This is perfect especially if you have no painting skills but you really want to get rid of your bathroom’s old and drab paint job. Choose a bathroom wallpaper in bright and bold colors and textures and cover the entire sides of the room for that colorful and energetic vibe.

These are just 5 of the best bathroom ideas that we love. Try these out the next time you want to see a change in your old bathroom’s style to create a bathroom that is fresh and fun.

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