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West Village Penthouse With an Amazing Private Roof

West Village Penthouse With an Amazing Private Roof

Are private roofs your thing? Then you will fall in love with this west village penthouse. It provides flexibility due to the great home interiors It encompasses but also amazing exterior and view. This West Village Penthouse by TBD design studio is here to inspire you! (more…)

Big Ideas For Small Balconies

small boho balcony with rattan furniture

It's always a plus if your house or apartment has a balcony, seeing as there are a few directions you could go with this. Namely, you could decorate your balcony in about a thousand different ways. However, if you're stuck and you need a little inspiration on small balcony ideas,...

The 10 Most Beautiful Looking Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Take Care

boho living room with easy care indoor plants

Although having indoor plants is a great addition to any home, not all of them are attractive or come with easy care. If you're one of those people who struggle to keep houseplants alive, then this is the right choice for you. Consider getting one of these beautiful choices that... Protection Status