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Stylish Living Room Ideas

Stylish Living Room Ideas

The living room is one of the most active places in a home, the centre of focus even by guests. Did you know that with simple manipulations of furniture, arrangement and choice of color you can actually reflect your most sober thoughts and personality? Here is how:

Position your sofa well

A couch will be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, so putting it on the right spot can bring a new look. One rule of the thumb in contemporary interior designs is that, a couch should face the door. If it must sit with its back facing the entrance, however, add a console table behind it and some art books to create a more inviting look.

Get the most attractive rug

Any great room in a home begins with an eye-catching rug. Before walking to the store, determine how you will be using the room. If you want an open space that can accommodate more people, consider a large sisal rug which is capable of handling foot traffic. To create a dining space, take a small rug to the spot and create the boundary in a natural way.

Do you expect your visitors to feel comfy? A shag rug or plush wool would be the most ideal option. Toss some pillows to the ground to bring out a more casual vibe.

Soften the space

A living room should be inviting, probably with a finished feel. Accessories will achieve this best. How about some oversize pillows? Instead of the single high-voltage ceiling lamp, why don’t you illuminate the entire room to luxe up your lighting system? Use a combination of ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lights.

Establish a focal point

living rooms require an anchor where most of the eyes will be resting. Whether it is a cool light fixture or some beautiful artwork, the room should be grounded with a clear definition of its function. If you lack a focal point in your living room at the moment, establish one by displaying one of your favorite items.

You may opt to divert attention to the farthest wall using a decorative mirror or an oversized piece of artwork. Alternatively, a flat-screen TV can take draw attention to the centre of your room but if it is not your family room, play up with the sofa statement by adding the brightest pillows in the room. Decorating a living room entails going out of the ordinary to select a design that will make you stand out from the rest.

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