Roche Bobois 2017 Fall Trends

Roche Bobois 2017 Fall Trends 3

This season, Roche Bobois is featuring new collections made by two exceptional personalities: designer Kenzo Takada and interior architect Bruno Moinard.

Kenzo Takada, currently focused on design and decoration, has created an exceptional collection of fabrics and ceramics for Roche Bobois. This graphic and culturally-inspired collection uses mixed origins, colour combinations, and delicate patterns. The fabrics were designed by reinterpreting the patterns and colours of ancient kimonos, creating three harmonious colour schemes. They express gentleness, vivacity, and depth, coinciding with the three different times of the day: ASA (morning), HIRU (midday), and YORU (evening). Kenzo Takada chose to use these colour schemes to reupholster three new versions of the iconic Mah Jong sofa. 

The “Paris Paname” collection by interior architect Bruno Moinard features timeless pieces that blend classic and modern styles. Inspired by the 1950s, this collection mixes clean lines with luxurious materials such as sycamore, brushed brass, and vintage leather.

“Our collaborations with designer Kenzo Takada and interior architect Bruno Moinard illustrate the diversity of our designs and our creative identity. Kenzo Takada made a bold aesthetic choice by sourcing inspiration from ancient kimonos to create a new version of the Mah Jong. Coincidentally, Roche Bobois has just opened its first showroom in Tokyo. As for Bruno Moinard, his work and talent as a decorator, as well as his major projects around the world – in prestigious hotels, boutiques and private interiors – perfectly align with our savoir-faire and international reach. The ‘Paris Paname’ collection, which he designed exclusively for Roche Bobois, will allow us to expand further into the contract market.” Gilles Bonan, Chairman of the Executive Board.

The rest of the collection includes colourful living room additions, featuring deep blues, woodsy tones, pinkish golds, and warm yellows, along with creating unconventional and unique pieces that feature mathematical and futuristic designs.


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