Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms

Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms 5

Golden bathub mosaic and black wall tile

Black and gold color schemes always evoke a luxury appeal in interior design. The two compliment each other, and in the bathroom they are especially powerful.

Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms 4

Black bathroom with golden accents.

Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms

Gold sink

Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms 2

Beautiful gold big mirror

Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms 6

Gold is always a sign of wealth and luxury that can add sparkle to every room. Each finished gold to enrich the furniture all and not always a feature of classical or old style. For example, a collection of furniture sets Eban Mignon of Italian companies is perfect for bathroom design is very modern. He presented himself as an elegant combination of luxury and simple shapes. Gold color unit look more stylish and well equipped with the refinement of the black sink and black press. Furniture is made of solid wood and equipped with high-quality mechanism, each of them using the process fun.

Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms 3

Elegant and luxury is a collection of the bathroom furniture of Pom d’Or, which was designed to provide luxury bathroom spaces to adapt to create housing for everyone. The idea was to traditional materials like wood and Ebony Gold pans, bathroom furniture with lacquered finish, to use sensory experiences in contemporary intimate spaces. Yellow always looks great paired with black gold with ebony do. Small details of the warm lighting of emotions just adding to the overall impression of the luxurious bathroom furniture filled with elegant furniture. There are plenty of different bathroom furniture in the collection for any needs. There is also Tineo with silver version of the furniture set. The collection is designed by Bruna Raplsarda. For more information visit Pom d’Or site.

Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms 8

This furniture collection combines classic style with a captivating aesthetics. Furniture sets are to be excited because it can display the impression of comfortable, practical and luxurious all at once. Everything always becomes beautiful in classic wardrobe with four drawers of storage. Modern classic features rounded handles decorated with a matching color. This furniture concept using gold leaf color is reminiscent of ancient Roman times. All the furniture painted bright colors and finish with natural wood, glossy. Settlement can also use a matt finish painted or leather with a different front panel. Glass over the sink is also available in 19 colors. RAB very liked the women and men who liked to pamper the body. Furniture collection consists of the closet, bath sinks, decorative glass and seats for personal comfort. Supported by the hood interior the lights purplish black box will gives your impression more firmly.

Luxury Black and Gold Bathrooms 7

THG has made it possible to bath like a king, if not live like one. The Marquis collection launched by THG takes royalty and luxury to a whole new level and intertwines the traditional Chinese designs with the chic French designs.

Enamel black and gold being the dominant colors in this luxury bath collection, it surely is a provocateur as it stimulates the dark side in you and makes your washroom a place where you can escape to and not escape from.

The imperial golden wash basins will make you feel no less than a king. Though the makers insist that this collection is inspired from the Chinese and French, but truly speaking, it reminds me of the golden era of Egypt. The color combinations, the choice of designs and the finishing of the bath tubs and basins will make you feel like an emperor and the tub, your throne.

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  1. WOW !!! What a beauty !!! Though black and gold has got a natural blend, the luxury bathroom designs in black and gold is just amazing. Great ethnic looks.

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