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Loving Music in Your Very Own Living Room

Lennon Living Room

Music lovers will love this living room setup by Vynarchyk Oleh, infused with the ambiance of simple melodies from the image of the famous John Lennon of the Beatles, to instruments such as invaluable guitars and beautiful piano, to the exquisite Marshall amplifier. Decorative wall hangings involve a classy clock, vases, and frames featuring musical icons and instruments as well. They enhance the surroundings that elicit a minimalist black and white effect, along with nature’s element, wood, arriving in light brown color. The office area is embedded in the room, with all your books and all other things are kept organized, nicely and neatly tucked in each its own place. The shelves have been optimized from top to bottom, yet surprisingly take up very little space. Covering a large portion is the very comfortable couch and center table which are very welcoming to guests. The outcome is a simple yet elegant, timeless beauty of a nice place to work or unwind right in your cozy home!

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