Lovely Day a Brand-New Sofa

Lovely Day a Brand-New Sofa

Lovely Day is a brand-new sofa by designer Marc Sadler, exclusive to Désirée. Conceived for socializing or a romantic tête à tête, this sofa with its unique characteristics represents innovation but at the same time encapsulates the philosophy of Désirée, in which elegance and functionality go hand in hand.

Do you want to read, study, work, rest, sleep or watch a film?
Lovely Day is highly flexible and perfect for all occasions. It comes with innovative movable, self-supporting cushions with which to create different types of seating and ensure just the right comfort for any conformation. The real innovation of Lovely Day lies in the backrests, designed to remain in place once positioned to needs. The secret of their flexibility is a patented system concealed by the upholstery that connects the cushions and allows them to be placed wherever required. In this way the innovation of Lovely Day is integrated in the sofa without affecting its good looks.

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