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Living Room Design Ideas by Novamobili


The story of Battistella and Novamobili began in 1952, when young Alfredo Battistella, after having learnt the secrets of woodworking in the workshop of a master craftsman, bought a small industrial building and started to produce furniture, working alongside his employees and friends. These were years of hard work and great enthusiasm, a time of new technologies and new market trends which Alfredo Battistella, thanks to his innate entrepreneurial spirit, tried out at hisfirm which was soon to become a benchmark for Italian interior design. Check out these living room designs to inspire you.


An old industrial building is born again to new life, becoming a home infused with the atmosphere of an art gallery, atelier or design studio. A factory of everyday emotions for finding yourself and for meeting a world of people. An informal and stimulating environment in which Novamobili furnishing solutions are perfectly at home, alongside antiques, contemporary magazines, natural materials and modern technologies.





A home at the highest end of the scale with a series of spaces dedicated to relaxation, privacy and socialising, to be lived outdoors or between the four walls. All this based on a contemporary culture of design, shapes and materials, from the textural sensations of exposed concrete to the warm grain of the wood covering the furniture like a sophisticated tailored outfit.


A cutting-edge architecture composed of simple volumes which intersect to make up an equilibrium with movement. A luminous space opening out onto a natural setting, designed as an open space and crossed vertically by a staircase as its strong feature. A simultaneously comfortable and evocative scenario, perfectly.



A home to be lived in like a photography studio or a photography studio to be lived in like a home? In any case this is a decidedly unconventional life decision, like moreover the solutions chosen to furnish it. Original and distinctive design pieces, used within an industrial context, dominated by the radiance of the white. A domestic habitat where creativity, dynamism and visual sensations become key factors in day-to-day living.



A top-of-the-range domestic space, with references to ancient Roman domuses, from the tympanum shape of the roof to the vast inner garden with swimming pool. A space large in size yet with a sunny personality, interpreted by Novamobili with the colours of the natural Mediterranean landscape and with the idioms of contemporary design. A few simple yet important elements put over a sensation of elegant spontaneity, in a perfect harmony of finishes and materials.


A space out of the ordinary, dedicated to those who want to try out a new lifestyle. A design that transforms an industrial space into a large contemporary home, without mental or physical barriers between the different areas and functions. Linear yet original shapes, fresh inspirations and soft colours, natural grain and lacquer finishes make up a new microcosm, to be created and discovered in full, together with Novamobili.


A modern architecture based on the utmost minimalism in the spaces and in the materials, filled with light and immersed in nature. A scenario inspired by the culture of less is more, in which the creations of Novamobili are not only part of the design system but also enrich it with clever touches of colour and warmth. Dynamic elements which break up the rigidity of the spaces, neutral colours, cosy and welcoming, soft and textural sensations, with an added touch of elegance.

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