John Lewis Christmas Decorations 2020

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Christmas is a time of reflection, self-expression, family, and friendship. Christmas decorations are a unique opportunity to reflect on last year or to look forward to a new and exciting year ahead. The John Lewis Chistas Decorations 2020 has elegant designs to acquire exactly that sense. His designs are based on art for everyone. Here is my First Look on 7 inspiring art-themed John Lewis Christmas decorations of 2020.

John Lewis Christmas decorations 2020

1. Renaissance

Firstly, the Renaissance cannot be missed in any art-themed Christmas collection. John Lewis exhibits this flourishing period of art in an interesting way. The soft tints of mint and pink create a luxe appearance, strengthened by gold and copper accents. Above all, the hand-painted and detailed carriage is the “Piece the Renaissance” of this collection.


2. Post Impressionism

Secondly, a tree resembling the painting style of greats like Henri Rousseau and Vincent van Gogh. The tree almost looks like a painting itself, decorated with a worldly fantasy theme of animals from across the globe. A design surely appreciated by artistic and independent thinkers.


3. Pop Art

Thirdly, the bright and playful style of John Lewis’s Pop Art style is a distinguished decorative manner aiming to bring joy and happiness into the living room. Every layer has its own colour transcending smoothly into the next colour like a rainbow, a very thoughtful expression of Pop Art.


4. Impressionism

Fourthly, capturing the theme of snow colourfully and delicately. The water-lily decorations are the stars of this impressionistic design. You invite charm of winter inside your home with this exquisite composition.


5. Bloomsbury

The warm and welcoming Bloomsbury style is full of copper tones and daring colours. It captures the classic feel of the 1900s and the Bloomsbury group’s character at the same time.


6. Art of Japan

The wonder of to the far east is united with the colour red, accentuated with gold and green. The decoration is construed of an intelligent mix of classic Japanese details and classic red Christmas pieces.


7. Art Nouveau

Combined with the Gabriel gold tree, the Art Nouveau design is the most glamorous of the collection. The Art Nouveau style is profoundly ornamental and shimmering like a jewel. Hence, it is a perfect fit with the Christmas theme.


My First Look of the John Lewis Christmas decorations 2020 elicits my excitement for coming Christmas. I hope it will inspire and delight you as well.

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