How to Cozy Up Your Living Room with Any Budget

living room with DIY industrial bookshelf and brown leather sofa

As we dive into the 2021 holiday season, many of you may be looking to make your living room extra cozy. As the temperatures drop and family and friends gather inside, I put together a list of some ideas that can make your living room comfy and intimate.

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built in bookshelf beside fireplace and gray armchair


Creating a cozy spot for gatherings starts with the furniture in your living room. It’s important to have a practical seating arrangement where you can cuddle up while you watch TV or read a good book. I recommend a large couch with deep seating, a chaise lounge or even an accent chair. If your goal is to add more seating for guests who are stopping by, you could also purchase a few medium-sized poofs (think, adult beanbags) which are cute and can be easily rearranged. If you would rather not splurge on new furniture this year, you can rearrange what you already have in your living room! Furniture placed with the pieces facing each other in a circle or square allows for a cozier, more intimate feel in the room.

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You can also make some smaller, cozy adjustments to your living room by adding a few accessories! I recommend a blanket ladder to put against the wall – not only does it act as a beautiful display for your holiday throws, but it is also practical. Another easy addition would be new pillows for the furniture you already have in the living room. You can opt for holiday-themed or more neutral depending on the cozy vibe you want. Don’t forget about candles when you are putting together your cozy space! Whether you want candles that crackle when lit or just want a warm scent, there are tons of budget-friendly options available for you.

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Stove in Existing Fireplace


When I think of cozy, I immediately think of a fireplace. If you have one in your living room, I recommend sprucing it up with a few gold accent pieces on the mantle. This can be anything from a vase to a picture frame to a figurine. This becomes easier during the holiday season when you can add stockings or garland! If you do not have a fireplace, there are some other options for you! You can purchase an electronic fireplace that plugs right into the wall – they can range in price but generally cost a few hundred dollars. If you want to opt for something smaller, there are several versions of electric space heaters that give off a fireplace aesthetic for under $100.

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living room with fireplace darl green accent wall

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Another way to make your living room cozy this holiday season is to choose an accent color. This could be a pop of dark green, navy or even a deep maroon. I recommend picking a color and using it as inspiration for the entire space. This color can be reflected in the couch pillows, a serving tray, an accent chair or, if you’re feeling bold, an accent wall painted the color of your choice. Dark colors are known for making spaces feel cozier and more intimate and are great for the colder, winter months.

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