How To Add Feminine Touches To Your Living Room

Feminine living room

Feminine living rooms have a distinct style and ambiance that make them tantalizing and visually appealing. Instantly create a feminine touch in your living room with these 10 creative ideals.


Feminine living room 6

1. Houndog/Dogstooth/Dogtooth/ or Houndstooth Fabric

Houndog fabric is printed in a unique design. The original print is in a duo-tone textile pattern defined by broken checks frequently in black and white on wool fabric. Today, you can find this much-loved pattern in an array of colors. Try a beautiful pink/white, pink/green/orange/, or yellow/white combo for breakthrough feminine appeal. In fact, you can find many pastel color combinations in this design in pillows, throws for chairs, and in furniture pieces.


Feminine living room 8

2. Soft And Lovely

Show them what you got with soft velvet materials. Velvet is unique and oozes elegance. Throw velvet pillows on the sofa or lay a piece of velvet fabric nonchalantly on a chair. Try ruffles, roses, or even pom-poms and select a soft, feminine shade.


Feminine living room 12

3. Romantic Floral Wall Art

Wall art, especially Chinese floral wall art, has a very feminine mystic. Floral wall art is romantic and emits a cool, calm environment.


Feminine living room 2

4. Light It Up!

Don’t forget about candles. Today, you can find candles in any color, in numerous designs, and a plethora of scents. The classic lavender scent candles are always a winner when adding a feminine touch.


Feminine living room 9

5. Country Living

Nothing beats adding a country feel to a quaint, plush living room. A color palette of pastels such as cream, pink, and basic white, are predominately feminine in appearance, and work extremely well. Floral prints are great too. Pay attention to wooden finishing that add a comfy feel to the décor.


Feminine living room 7

6. Flowers Are A Girl’s Best Friend

A simple feminine strategy when it comes to decorating is adding fresh flowers. Place a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers on a side table or coffee table. Lilacs, lilies, or hydrangeas look fantastic!


Feminine living room 14

7. Texturize It

Give your living room a chic, feminine flavor by choosing the right textures. Create contrasts by combining faux fur with satin or other related assortments. Don’t forget about a shaggy rug in pink, light blue, or shaggy yellow!

Feminine living room 3

8. Purple

Include purple pillows, throws, or purple rugs.


Feminine living room 13

9. Don’t Forget About Color

A living room seems more twinkly and feminine with soft tones such as light violet, soft pink, baby blue, with contrasting prints in the same hue.


Feminine living room 4

10. Hints Of Silver

An eye for beauty and femininity in living room decor can be expressed with hints of silver. However, not too much. Silver tones splashed on lampshades, curtains, pillows, and even rugs will add a spectacular feminine aura.


Feminine living room 11 Feminine living room 10

There are endless ways to create a feminine touch in your living room, the idea is to do what suits your taste and lifestyle best.


Images: Westwing Home & Living

Feminine romantic living room with soft pink sofa and copper accents

Image: HouseBeautiful

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