Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Living Room With Rich Fall Colors

The fall season brings a warmth to the home. Just thinking about fall brings to mind the thought of crisp leaves, the taste of a squash soup, and the aroma of cider and pumpkin. Since fall is a favorite season for many, it’s a great time to also bring fall decor into the home. The unique color palette works well in a number of homes but if you’re not sure how to bring fall living room decor into the house, these are a few simple options.


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Add Fall Foliage

When it comes to fall living room decor, florals and fall arrangements are simple and beautiful ways to add some fall colors. Hydrangea and eucalyptus work well. They add fall colors into the space and also dry well when the arrangement fades. You can also look for more color with deep burgundies, golden blooms, and hints of fiery orange. If you have any copper urns, use these for your arrangements. When mixed with deeper colors, the red undertones can be appreciated.


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Use Fall Vignettes

If you have a sideboard, mantle, or other space where you can place a vignette, consider adding a fall one. Vignettes offer the opportunity to add mixed objects that all contribute to the theme of fall. If you want to add some fall colors, start with pumpkins in all sizes-both live and artificial work well. Add in rich fall colors such as golds and deep reds. The vignette can be enjoyed by everyone in the home and changed throughout the fall season if you want.


Add in Rustic and Cozy Touches

This is an area where you can be more creative but for some suggestions add in touches that add rustic fall and comforting elements. For example, a classic fall image is one with hay bales and stalks. The stalks look great when mixed with a copper vessel for a nice contrast. In the living room, add a faux fur throw. This or an animal print or tweeds add a cozy touch to the living room. You can wrap yourself up in this toasty throw when the weather starts to turn cold.

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Add Splashes of Color

Mini pumpkins and gourds add both texture and colors to the living room. Many people will purchase small pumpkins or gourds and display them in a bowl on their living room coffee table or other area. This can be a simple way to add some color that won’t overwhelm the room. It’s also simple to add some fall colors with your throw pillows. Put away your normal ones and instead look for ones in fall colors and prints.

A fall decorating scheme doesn’t have to be fussy or difficult. Make it easy on yourself by keeping the decorating simple and adding only the touches of color that will accent the space. Use these decorating ideas to get started. You’ll find what works best for your living room by experimenting. Enjoy the process and you’ll find that fall has come to your home.

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