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Gold and Silver Cowhides Rustic Zebra

Gold and Silver Cowhides Rustic Zebra

Gold and silver stenciled hides. Each Saddleman's of Santa Fe cowhide has short shiny hair and supple, soft leather. Their natural cowhides are tanned and hand picked at the best tanneries in Brazil. The cowhides are measured from the hindquarters to the nape of the neck. All stenciled hides are average...

Red Coral Home Decor

  1.Coral Pillow in Amazon $59.95 2.Acrylic Painting, eachside Coral in Etsy $50 3.Red Coral Chandelier in MS 4.Photo Frame in next tag $34 5.Red Coral Table Lamp-Set of two in next tag $205 6.Coral Personalized Plate. You can order this with your monogram in plumparty only $25

The Lectori Salutem desk

    The Lectori Salutem desk is imbued with a symbolic value as it conveys the intimacies of Verhoeven’s own personal life. While ostensibly a desk, produced through a combination of highly-skilled craftsmanship and carefully-programmed technical processes, the personal mark of the maker is strongly evident within the work as...

Oh! A hand !

Drawing Hand

It's not the pencil that draws, it is your hand.  Whether drawing lines or inscribing words, the act of making marks lures ideas into the physical world. Hands perceive and reveal things that our eyes and conscious minds may never know. We discover things about ourselves and our thoughts by... Protection Status