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bohemian living room decor idea


Are you intrigued by the Bohemian decor that you see at the house of your sibling, friend or in the magazines? Would you like to have such an exquisite and unique style in your living room? The idea of a Bohemian style is to come up with a living room that defines you as an individual and not just a streamline home.A Bohemian living room gives you the impression that you are in another world with endless opportunities and possibilities, where ideas and creativity are not limited. Below are 5 tips that will help you achieve a Bohemian Decor and add a touch of sophistication to your living room.

1. Play around with colors
The colors you choose determine the mood of your living room. Most people like matching colors, for instance some people might decide to match a pink couch with a pink mat. However, to achieve Bohemian style, you will be required to mix colors instead of matching them. Look for accessories of different colors and blend them to add depth and timeless beauty to your living room.

2. Interesting lighting
You should ensure your lighting is warm and eclectic to render your room comfortable. You can use antique lampshades and chandeliers to give your room a vintage look. The lampshades that you use can have materials of different colors to provide red, green, blue, orange or any other color that you may prefer.

3. Unique furniture
The furniture that you select should be interesting with different shapes from the normal furniture, but at the same time comfortable. Let your furniture capture the imagination of your visitors so that they will always wonder what makes your living room stunning.

4. Use artwork and accessories
Allow your imagination to run wild and display work of art in your room. Look for hand crafted accessories that are unique and beautiful and put it somewhere everybody can see and enjoy, such as the fireplace. Moreover, you can display old painting on your wall. While an old painting may seem like a bad idea, it will make a huge statement and will not disappoint you. So next time you are on a road trip and you see an archaic piece of art, do not hesitate to buy it. It may be an instrumental piece in making your living room look nice.

5. Putting it together
How you tie your room together also matters. Every accessory that you choose should blend in well with the other things that are in your living room. But at the end of the day, the room should represent who you are and should be in line with your individual taste.

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Images: the jungalow

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Image:  AD Russia

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Image:  Design Sponge

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Image: ATLANTIS home

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Image: Ready Gypset Go

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Images: Jennifer Harrison style 

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Images: © Paulina Arcklin | elramlahamra.nl

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Images: © Paulina Arcklin | ZOCO HOME www.zocohome.com

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Image: Bohemian collective

colorful bohemian living room

Image: design sponge

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Image: Atlantis Home

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Image: van het kastje naar de muur

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Thoughts from Alice

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Image: Domaine, Photography: Jane Aldridge

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Image: Emily Katz

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Image: mi casa revista

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The Bohemian décor is fun and the best way to make your living room your favorite place. Do not shy off. Try it and experience how livened your living room will become.

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