Addison’s Wonderland Amazing Children’s Bedding and Decor

children's bedding and decor ideas

Addison’s Wonderland is a whimsical wonderland of children’s bedding and decor. Each peace is professionaly designed, impeccably detailed and handmade. All little girls love a candy shop of colors and that is exactly what this collection was meant to be…

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children's bedding and decor 3 ideas

From the bed skirt to the bolster, each piece in this collection combines gorgeous contrasting colors with intricately detailed craftsmanship to create a subtle elegance fit for a princess. The precious pink velveteen curtains trimmed out in ruffles and contrasting cording add a sweet sophisticated look while the scalloped bed skirt with layers of ruffled tulle and buttons is the crème de la crème of this collection.
To sum it up, this collection is sweet as sugar…

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