5 Living Room Ideas: Make It More Inviting And Welcoming

inviting living room with great wall art collection

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Does your living room look like the one from previous generation that conveys ‘no one is allowed to relax and sit in there’? Do you want to make it perfect for snuggling and lounging? Are you looking for the best ways to make your guests feel comfortable, and totally themselves whenever they visit your house? Well, if you want make your living room more inviting, you have landed at the right place! Here are the 5 ways to make your living room look welcoming and comfortable:

inviting living room with sectional brown leather sofa

1. Invest In Comfortable Couches: If you want to create an inviting and welcoming living room, go in for comfortable looking seating such as, a leather sectional sofa. It is big enough to fit in everyone, extremely comfortable, and also easy to clean.

Image: Ken Fulk’s POTTERY BARN collection

cozy gray living room corner

2. Mix And Match Materials: How about placing throw pillows on your couch? Well, people always settle for using soft, “cushy” pillows as they are extremely comfortable and cosy. They can also give your living room a softer look. Try rich velvet and soft materials clustered with smooth surfaces intriguing tactual interplay- isn’t the comfort aspect speaking for itself already? Yes, it certainly is!

beaytiful clean living room idea with gray draps

3. Add Drapes: Fact! They not only make the living room more welcoming, but also help with absorbing sound. Such accessories set the mood for your living room, as well as your guests. Think about the ambience they will create- absolutely comfortable, restful, and enjoyable!

living room with gray walls and gray sofas

4. Think About Your Lighting: Do you think flashy lights are welcoming? No, not at all! They often look too harsh and bright. For a cosier, and comfortable look, consider adding a light dimmer switch in your living room. If you are able to tone down your lights to subtle and soft glow, it will make your room look cosier. You can also use lamps to give a more relaxed, comfortable, and welcoming effect.

Image: rebecca.ch

orange yellow and beige walls living room idea

5. Play With Color: A huge living room may sound great, but can feel chilly. Tangerine shades and sunny yellow are excellent for creating a welcoming look. You can also use rich wall colors like dark brown to bring out the warmth in a rustic ranch style, but any tint with depth will give a cozier and comfortable feeling in a capacious space. You can also use pastel colors to make it more lively and inviting. So let your living room exhibit the kind of personality you have, and you can certainly do that by choosing hues of your taste.

Image: Real Simple

So, make your living room the heart of your home, entertain your loved one’s, and spend quality time with your guests. Try these exclusive living room ideas, and create an exclusive ambience, that is more inviting, welcoming, and relaxing!

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