5 Great Summer Styles For Living Room

5 Great Summer Styles For Living Room

Rethink your living room décor and get ready for the bright, sunny colors and textures of summer. Summer living rooms are made of easy, breezy styles with graphic lines, brush-strokes of textile paint in saturated hues, rattan and wicker furnishings, with various accents and lighting are all reflective of various cultures and styles.

If your living room is stuck in the dark ages, a few splashes of color and creative rearranging will get you off to a nice summer that will find you more relaxed and comfy than ever. Here are five living room decor styles that emulate a tranquil summer atmosphere.

Cycladic Style

Cyclades are a compound of islands rising from the deep-blue Aegean, supplying the island with modest visuals tinged with daring style. This Cycladic style living room replicates the very nature of Cycladic civilization with shades of aquatic blues tempered by a white backdrop to ward of the blazing sun. Various accents with minimal fuss completes the look and espouses an ambiance of harmony and serenity. Wicker furniture and handmade knickknacks maintains a feeling of down-to-earth goodness coupled with a sense of well-being.

5 Great Summer Styles For Living Room 2

Country Style

Whether or not you live in the country, if you want to reflect the ambiance of a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, the living room is the best place to do it. This lovely Country Style living room takes comfort to a whole other level. A single cushioned neutral toned sofa plush with decorative pillows of various dimensions, an iron-framed daybed perfectly disguised as a cushioned sofa and luxuriated foliage, create the idea environment for laid-back country comfort. The well placed dark metal and wood table completes the living room décor flawlessly.

5 Great Summer Styles For Living Room 3

Shabby City Style

Matching wingback chairs, together with contrasting hues, patterns, and textures makes this living room deliciously easy going and attractive. This Shabby City style is put together loosely and nonchalantly, but every piece is strategically placed. A fireplace with a carved mantel, a rectangular armoire and stone floor, along with inviting bric-a-brac makes this living room not only inviting but also cozy enough to sleep in!

5 Great Summer Styles For Living Room 4

Bahia Style

Earthy and sparse easily describes this Bahia Styled living room. It’s a get-away atmosphere decked out with rattan furnishings, complementary asymmetrical shelving, with multihued handmade baskets, wall decorations and other accents, that add splashes of rich color. The South American designed accent rug carries this living room into another climate with a beautiful Date Palm plant evocative of a warm day for flip flops and summer fun!

5 Great Summer Styles For Living Room 5


Flashy Style

You’ll have to be in the mood for eclectic furnishings, wild color, 60s nostalgia, and tons of creativity if you want to pull-off putting together a Flashy Style living room like this one. It’s cool, hip, bright, and entertaining. Chartreuse walls coupled with horizontal, oval, and extended furniture silhouettes completes the Flashy Style theme, while maintaining sublime comfort and an affable appeal.

Images: maisons du monde

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