48 Pretty Living Room Ideas In Multiple Decorating Styles

urban rustic pretty living room

Every one has a personal style. Sometimes finding your personal decorating style just takes a little work. Articulating your design style is the key to creating a room that really reflects it. Check out these pretty living room ideas and find yours!

Here are some pretty living room ideas

bright vibrant living room

Bright and Vibrant Living Room.

Get in line. Keep things simple with a basic palette and a classic, casual sofa. To add some extra style, throw in a striped rug and a couple of zigzag poufs that can double as your coffee table.

blue wall and a grey couch

Small deep blue and gray living room.

warm wordly space

Warm wordly living room.

tufted textured home decor

Tufted textured living room.

sunny mid century colors in a room

Sunny mid century living room.

simple sophisticated black sofa

Simple sophisticated living room.

rustic rugged room

Rustic rugged living room idea.

beige couch and two colour floor

Relaxing living room.

patterned floor

Patterned living room decorating idea.

natural neutral room colors

Natural neutral living room.

room with big windows

Naturalist mid century living room.

multi fuctional space with brown couch and black armchair

Multi fuctional living room.

dark grey sofa and a wood table

Modern naturalist living room.

modern moroccan style

Moroccan living room decorating idea.

modern modular living room

Modern modular living room.

modern living room decorating idea

Contemporary living room decorating idea.

modern industrial living room

Modern industrial living room.

mid century luxe living room

Luxe Mid century living room.

mid century living room decorating idea

Mid century living room decorating idea.

luxe living room decorating idea

Luxe living room decorating idea.

luxe leather living room

Leather living room.

light textures living room

Light textures in living room.

lazy days living room

For the lazy days in the living room.

laid black leather living room

Laid black leather living room.

laid back pattern living room

Relaxing pattern living room.

industrial graphite living room

Industrial graphite living room.

gold gray living room

Gold gray living room.

geometric living room decorating idea

Geometric living room decorating idea.

Gallery with other pretty living rooms

fuction living room

Fuction living room.

elegant living room decorating idea

Elegant living room decorating idea.

eclectic artist living room

Eclectic artist living room.

easy eclectic living room

Easy eclectic living room.

east to west living room idea

East to west living room idea.

earthy living room

Earthy living room.

earthy eclectic living room decorating idea

Earthy eclectic living room decorating idea.

cozy daybed living room decorating idea

Cozy daybed living room decorating idea.

cozy contemporary living room

Contemporary living room.

cozy living room

Cozy living room.

Century of style. Mid-century silhouettes—a streamlined sectional and clean-lined console—pair well with a coffee table. Inspired by the American Craft movement.

Sit back and relax. A classic, crowd-pleasing sectional and a deep-seated armchair means there’s a comfortable spot for everyone.

boho mid century living room

Boho mid century living room.

The ideas are all by west elm.

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