26 Amazing Living Room Color Schemes and Tips

paint colors for living room

Living room color schemes can completely transform the way your home looks. You need to take care of the right combinations and choices. A color scheme can really set the tone. The ones you choose for your decoration will affect the atmosphere of your room. Pick the right colour and you can create just the feel you want in there – sophisticated or fun or relaxing and so on. It can also affect the space in other ways – perhaps enlarging the room or making it cosier. This is something which will also make you feel differently about it.

What color should your living room be?

blue living room

Blue Living Rooms. Color doesn’t always have to be sunny and bright. This deep-indigo living room provides the perfect backdrop to feminine furnishings doused in look-at-me floral prints. Designer Fiona Douglas avoided an overabundance of patterns. She creatively mixed ikat and floral designs with white accents, creating the perfect color balance.

green living room color scheme

The color palette in this living room includes shades of turquoise, jade green and yellow-green. Bringing this way a cohesive and sophisticated look. Rate My Space user merskine unifies her eclectic mix of furniture from Craigslist by painting the wood pieces a bright white and using an analogous color palette.

Living Room with Red furniture

For more inspiration check out some Bring a Pop of Color to Your Living Room with a Red Couch.

brown colors in furniture
dining table with candles

Two feature walls, one a brilliant fuchsia and the other covered in teal-and-gold paisley wallpaper. Together they create an instant wow factor in this open plan living room. Low-slung furniture in white and peacock blue create a cool, lounge-like vibe, while natural-stained maple flooring and updated shag carpet ground the space.


grey and blue wall colors

This chic, contemporary living room balances a cool bold blue with a warm citron yellow. But the bright color scheme is nicely balanced by simple furnishings and decor, bright white moldings and the addition of a neutral, cool gray. To add architectural interest, Behr has painted this room’s details to stand out – like the fireplace and ledge on the back wall. And kept window coverings to a minimum. If your room already has great details, painting them to stand out is a wonderful way to add visual interest on a budget.

white and turquoise floor and a glass table
yellow turquoise and purple decorative pillows


grey couch with purple pillows
beige couch with colorful pillows
woman on a couch and snake photo art

Terracotta walls, leopard area rug on chevron floors, white tufted leather sofa and snake art.

white blue and pink living room color scheme
yellow and blue living room color scheme

Yellow, orange, brown and teal living rooms

beige blue living room color scheme

Yellow Living Rooms

Interior designer Benjamin Dhong proves he’s mastered the art of combining textures.

orange and grey livng room color scheme

Orange Living Room

vivid pink color walls living room ideas

Vivid-pink walls and an upholstered daybed transform the room into a retreat. As a comforting counterbalance to the saturated color, the furniture and fabrics are cream and pale gray.

Via Martha Stewart

green living room color scheme
paint color schemes living room

Teal walls combine beautifully with a mustard sofa and rug for a warm scheme. Teak furniture adds a retro feel, while the large black and white framed print completes the look.

chocolate living room color scheme

Brown Living Rooms

Via house to home

gray living room with fuchsia accents

The city slicker hot pink side table from CB2 isn’t the only colorful accent in the next image. The gray wall paint and sofa are the perfect backdrop to the citrus and magenta decor, including a geometric rug and fire-orange blanket.

Via Decoist

neutral color ideas for living room

Neutral living room by Palmer Weiss.

pink living room color scheme
turquoise and yellow living room color scheme
beige and brown living room color scheme
beautiful living room color combination scheme

Tips for a color scheme that works for you

The living room is a part of your house that will define your living space and overall feel of your home. So it is not unusual to really spend some time and give a lot of thought regarding your final living room color schemes.

Tip #1. Set The Mood Of Your Living Room

First step in choosing the best color schemes for your living room should be deciding what kind of look you are actually going for. Try to envision what kind of a living room you want and then link the mood of your imagined living room with appropriate colors. Maybe you have envisioned an airy and light living room? Or perhaps you prefer something more calm and serene. Your style could be more simple and earthy, or even dramatic and bold. No matter what mood you envision for your living room, choosing the right living room color schemes will be a crucial part in making your vision come to life.

Items that you own are also an important part of the living room decoration process, as they need to be properly merged into the feel of the room. While trying to figure out the right color palette for your living room, imagine your storage pieces, furniture and accessories in it and whether they compliment the overall ambiance of the living room.

Tip #2. Get Inspired!

When you begin a creative process such as designing your living room, it is always useful to be inspired in order to draw ideas and vision. These will help you create a perfect living environment for you. Try selecting something simple such as an inspirational piece which has a palette range of three to five colors. You can draw inspiration from an item you love. It actually doesn’t matter whether it is your favorite painting or your favorite outfit. Or something completely different, as long as it inspires your creative vision!

Tip #3. Think Happy And Fun When Choosing The Color Schemes

When you think of your perfect living room you probably think of a room that will make you happy. A great way to choose the right color palette is by asking yourself whether this color will make you happy. This could actually be the most important part of choosing the right living room color schemes. Think of a color and trust your gut response, don’t over think it. Your first reaction to the color should be your definite answer whether you want it in your living room or not. Pick the colors that make you feel happy and put a smile on your face when you see them.

Tip #4. Paint Your Walls And Choose The Accessories For Your Room

After selecting your inspirational piece it is time to decide what colors could look really good on your walls. A great way to test a lot of different colors is to get free color samples from your paint store and place them against your walls. Try experimenting with various shades of your primary color selection and don’t quit too soon, give each shade a chance as a slight change in color can make a world of difference. After you decide on a color for the wall, it is time to choose a color from your living room color schemes for your throw pillows and your draperies.

If you desire a monochromatic look then choose the same color as the one for your wall, but if you wish to give it a nice decorative punch then have a go with more contrasting colors. Contrasting colors are great to use for accessories and side chairs you would like to have in your living room, as they add a fun tone to the room, especially if combined with interesting texture patterns.

Tip #5. Stay True To Your Vision

In the end, it is very important to stay loyal to your chosen color schemes! Keep a photo of your living room and take a look at it when trying to decide whether an item would look good in your living room. Stay true to your color scheme and your living room will always look fresh, finished and stylish!

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  1. Beautiful examples! Good inspiration!
    We have just written a book “Colours for Hotels” together with colour scientist Prof. Venn, where we made an empiric study and asked about 80 people to colourize different adjectives which describe hotel interiors. The result was very interesting and matched in many cases what we had done by intuition.
    (Callwey ISBN 978-3-7667-2025-2 )

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