24 Teenage Girls Bedding Ideas

Every teenage girl wants a room she loves. True, finding the right bedding for teenage girl or girls (in case of sisters) is way too difficult. It has to match her personality and preferences. Yet, it should have the right decor and atmosphere that suits her age. There are many things you should take into consideration and others you must not forget. 

First, find new bedding and teen girls’ comforters to sleep in style. Her bed can come in different shapes and sizes, colors and styles. You can check out these awesome teenage girls bedding ideas by PBteens in colors and styles you’ll love and create the perfect bedding combination. Trust us, she will definitely love these ideas! And if you want to check even more, you can see other kid’s room ideas as well.

Ideas for bedding for teenage girls

In the above photo you can see how beachy style perfectly incorporates in a teenage girl’s room decor. This island-inspired bedding bursts with fresh summertime colors. It’s a perfect layer for warmer evenings, or a soft spot for lounging on. The details full of shells, photo frames and vases really add to the whole “girly situation”. Does your girl love beachy style? Then she will absolutely love this room decor.

But, there’s more! Check below some other ideas and inspiration for your daughter. 

Zig zag bedding

Multi color Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

A rainbow of colors zigs and zags its way across pure cotton percale for bedding with standout style. Some beautiful details here consist of vintage nightstands and chalkboard decoration. 

Hint: This is one of the most beloved element teen girls love! 

So, even though she might not like colors, she will most likely love this small yet gorgeous detail. 

Floral bedding for teenage girl

Teenage Girls Bedding Idea with a big s

If she likes bright colors, then this is what you should opt for. This is an amazing floral duvet cover with pillow covers that match it.  This girl’s bedding is ideal for teen girls who love floral patterns.  

Bright and vibrant colours like these can really transform a room and hide imperfections. Beautifully matched with decorations in white and a strong wall colour, they can make her old room feel like brand new!

Geometric motifs

White Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

A bold geometric motif infuses our Peyton bedding with sophisticated character. The dazzling design coordinates nicely with a range of different patterns and colors. In this example you can see how it is combined with neutral colors to create the right balance. It is definitely something worth trying, if she likes simplicity. Especially, if you want your girl’s bedding to match her preferences. 

This is the ideal solution for a smaller room, as the geometric textures make the bed the focal point and help make the room feel brighter and roomier. Try a pattern combining a strong colour like green or orange with a softer tone, like white or grey.

Chic matching covers and pillows

Teenage Girls Bedding Idea with red details

Real beauty sleep starts here! Rest up under this supersoft and completely chic design with stylish comforter and great pillow covers that match the duvet cover.

Don’t be scared to add a splash of colour. The decorative rose pillow in this example is enough to elevate the design and bring some warmth and personality. When deciding the right bedding designer, think about the other colours and textures in the room. The black and white floral patterns complements nicely the dark wood floor and white furniture, while it makes the fuchsia wall pop.

The following ideas follow the same pattern with slight differences in colors and details. 

Black and White Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

Two Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

Bright Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

Still haven’t found the most suitable bedding for teenage girl? Worry not! This article is still here, giving you ideas and inspiration. So, let’s continue!

Flowers and geometric shapes in combination

Lovely Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

A combo of spring flowers, bold geometric shapes and soft stripes gives the classic patchwork quilt a modern update. One of the most unique teenage girls bedding ideas here. Also the colors bring life and create a super girly atmosphere. This is a pattern that any teen would love. This twist and turn in colors, especially combined with white walls or bed makes for the perfect result. 

Blooms and petals for super girly bedding for teenage girls

Teenage Girls Bedding Idea with desk

Perky petals and beachy blooms make a playful illustration on this supersoft cotton duvet cover with matching pillow covers.

Such a dynamic pattern for bedding offers a great opportunity to match it with other pockets of colour or colourful details in her room. Here, it works wonderfully with the back polka dot rug and the teal wall.

A mix and match style

Light Green Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

Traditional black and white gets a cheerful twist with flowers dabbed with color. Undoubtedly, it is a unique combination for the most special preferences she might have.

Mix and match the pillowcases, and combine the more traditional elements with more modern touches to give her room a unique personality. The room is filling with creative girl power!

Paisleys and florals 

Τurquoise Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

Printed on cotton percale, the stylized paisleys and florals of our Lola bedding pop with premium color.

Remember that using bold patterns isn’t necessarily restrictive and doesn’t mean that you can’t use more colour or motifs. This high-energy floral pattern works well with bold black and white stripes as well as with the wood and earth tones in the rest of the room.

Add a vintage touch

White and Pink Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

Inspired by the brilliant colors of a tropical garden, our Martina quilt dresses the bed in summer blooms. Each flower and leaf is carefully printed to capture the crisp lines and bold strokes.

This is a dreamy design that creates a wonderfully vintage room without making it look dated. The pink notes in the room cleverly match the duvet and pillows without overpowering the room. The white and grey tones help make the room feel brighter and airier.

Bedding with canopy

bed with canopy frame

Here, you can see different colors dominating. White is only visible in the canopy and in the comforter. The rest of the bed is full of different other colors such as dark grey and floral pillows and duvet cover. It is a great idea for a teen who is girly and loves patterns. 

Choose dots 

Teenage Girls Bedding Idea with wooden wall

Show your passion for paisley with an all-cotton handmade bedding. The large square pattern is an updated take on the classic patchwork design.

Another great example that helps you bring your daughter’s unique style and personality to her room. The pink tones here are everything but old-fashioned. Together with the splashes of red, white and yellow, they complement the raw wood details beautifully, creating a design that’s fresh and welcoming.

Blue hues are a brilliant idea

Teenage Girls Bedding Idea with blackboard

This bedding is pretty and practical with soft, washable cotton voile and printed with watercolor designs. It has just the right amount of loft for cozy warmth.

It’s another great opportunity to mix and match colours, patterns and textures. Black and white complements nicely the soft hues of the bedding. By contrast, the darker/harder elements like the dark wood floor, chalkboard and frames, make the bed look even more comfy and soft.

Different bed styles

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Any teen wants it to be special, as she will spend the majority of her time there. You can either use a playful cover to brighten up the space or choose the exact bed style she wants. For example, you can use different bed materials like wood or metal. In addition you could play with a pattern on the bed comforter, like polka dots or stripes, or literally anything in between. 

Metal bedding that rocks

Teenage Girls Bedding Idea with black details

In this instance, the colors are less bold. White is the color that dominates, with a view to giving the place the peace and innocence that matches a teen. The bed is a metal one, with beautiful twists and turns that make it super girly and special.

Less colour of course doesn’t mean less style or personality. The polka dot pillowcases enhance the clean design of the room and accompany the frame of the bed. A simpler bedding design allows plenty of room for decorations like frames and shelves without the room looking cluttered or heavy.

Fancy carvings for style

Innovative Teenage Girls Bedding Idea

Double up on bright, bold color and pattern with this top-quality comforter and sham. Additionally the reverse is a dottie print for a completely different look. The bed style here is quite different, with an all-white headboard with fancy carvings.

Simplicity is key

black and white bedroom style

Pure cotton percale is lightly gathered for a textured, pillowy effect on the comforter and sham. This bedding layers well with a variety of patterns and textures to create a quick update in your sleep space. Again white is used to make the space brighter.

Bedding for teenage girl with storage drawers

girl's bed near the window

A whimsical print in a fresh color combination bursts across 100% cotton percale. Even better, the printed reverse gives you two duvet covers in one.

A great example for the lovers of colour. The black and white patterns frame the colourful motifs astoundingly while the always classy teal blue serves as the base colour that brings everything together.

The sleigh bedding

frames on the wall and a double bed

The sleigh bed is also another idea you can implement in a teen room. It has taken its name from the way it looks, exactly like a sleigh. Although this cream to white color is great, some other patterns are used to break the monotony. Your teen can use both a white duvet cover or a patterned purple comforter. 

girl's bedroom

purple duvet cover in a girl's bedroom

floral patterns in duvet cover

So awe hope these suggestions helped you get an idea of bedding for teenage girl and how it should be. Do you have any questions or thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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