15 Inspired by Nature Bathrooms with Plants

If you have a spacious bathroom with a lot of natural light then you can decorate it with natural plants. Bathrooms inspired by nature, looks simple, comfortable and fresh.

Bathroom with Plants 14

The rear of the bathroom in the Blesso Loft designed by Joel Sanders Architects is clad with modular plant panels.

You can see the rest of this loft here.

Bathroom with Plants 16

Natural fusion (with plants) bathroom.

Bathroom with Plants 15

tropical bathroom design by hawaii interior designer Willman Interiors / Gina Willman, ASID Bathroom with Plants 13 Bathroom with Plants 12 Bathroom with Plants 11 Bathroom with Plants 10

Adding plants to the bathroom is good feng shui, as it gives off a sense of serenity. Bathroom with Plants 9 Bathroom with Plants 8

Bring nature inside. It doesn’t have to be a tree. With just some simple air plants, succulents or even the so popular Sansevieria trifasciata better known as Snake plant; the room will acquired a more relax eco-friendly look. Bathroom with Plants 7

Stylish bathroom design idea with decorative furniture from concrete is derived from Art-Tic Design Studio. Wide range of bathroom furniture is made of concrete elements such as sinks and bathtubs concrete. In addition, other parts of the bathroom like floor and walls is composed of concrete elements. The bathroom was cold and quiet, with a gray color and pattern typical of the concrete surface gives a different sensation to the bathroom decor. Bathroom with Plants 6 Bathroom with Plants 5 Bathroom with Plants 4 Bathroom with Plants 3 Bathroom with Plants 2

Designers James Wong and David Cubero created the ultimate garden bathroom retreat complete with supreme luxury in the Burgbad Sanctuary. This extremely lush garden both complements and accents the intimate outdoor bathing room. The bright and deep greens contrast the reds and oranges in the glass and wood encased quarters, while the orange lotus flowers and brightly colored fish accent the rich colors of the wood. Bathroom with Plants

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