11 Inspiring Asian Living Rooms

modern asian living room design

The main element of the Asian interior design that of freedom with the openness of space. Whether it is a Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Indian look, the main features should relate to open space incorporating the natural elements. In this article we have gathered some extraordinary and inspiring asian living rooms just for you. So that you can see the beauty of this unique style.

First things first plants and water are very favourite decoration items of Asians. You can include a number of flower pots and a small fountain on the table. It brings in the element of calm and peace very well.

The whole look is oriented towards inner peace and spirituality. This means that the space should be uncluttered. The emphasis lays not so much in quantity as much in quantity. To complete the Asian look you can add certain traditional design elements of the Asian designs. For example a Shoji screen from the Japanese design. The Asian décor adds elegance along with simplicity to a room.

Photo gallery of Asian living rooms

asian decor with plants

asian living room with orange shades

A great example of Asian interior design by Utopia.

asian contemporary living room

Natural, serene, soothing, calm and Zen are often used to describe Asian-inspired design and the environment it creates. Many Asian interiors are in large part the result of bringing the outdoors inside through the use of natural materials and the colors of nature. Additionally, a minimalist approach is a big part of Asian design.

chinese interior design

Here is an Asian living room design by the chinese firm DYEast Design Consultants.

asian style furniture

A little goes a long way by incorporating a few well-chosen pieces you can instantly create the asian look and atmosphere you want.

I love the small step furniture in this asian living room. This updated version of the classic Japanese Step Chest makes an unconventional end table. And a wonderful conversation piece. It first appeared in the late 1700s in stores and homes with loft spaces.

The idea was simple — why not have a staircase that could actually act as storage space as well?

asian design

Asian design by Wu Chengxian.

asian home decor

Asian home decor. Owner’s “favorite meditation spot” is the living room’s circa 1920 Chinese opium bed. A Burmese reclining Buddha is at the window in the dining room, whose table is set with Tiffany’s crystal and china. You can spot an ABC Carpet & Home bed and carved chairs. Also, Designs for Leisure slipcover fabric.

Via AD

asian inspiired decor

Asia inspired decor in Luxury hotel The Peninsula Bangkok.

asian insppired decor 2  ideas

chinese interior design ideas

Conceptual design of classic chinese interior by Artvisualizer.

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