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10 Ways To Give Your Living Room A Bohemian Vibe

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Out of the plethora of interior design styles that people love to explore, bohemian décor is one that has hung-in-there for years. This style of interior design carries a certain vibe, a coolness, a relaxed ambiance that is vibrant and filled with colors, patterns, and textures.

Daring, visual accents with metallic surfaces, flowery patterns, and retro swank designs, are all very popular today. The psyche of the populace is searching for release in the 21st century. Technology has allowed great advances, but the soul requires expression. Bohemianism is one way this expression can be released through our homes. Check-out these ideas on how to give your living room that bohemian vibe.


green Water Down Wall wallpaper

1. Water Down The Walls

Taking a bold but subtle approach by creating a water-colored accent wall will create a bohemian vibe to die for. Any color will do; however, rich watered down colors like deep purple, intense green, or lapis-lazuli blue should do the trick. Don’t water the color down too much or it will become a pastel hue, and you don’t want that.

Image: Watercolor mural, Photograph by The Nickersons – thenickersons.ca

bohemian vibe large windows

2. Clear It Up

If you prefer a fresh, straightforward bohemian vibe, large windows that let in plenty of natural light will do the trick. Add natural light wood, plants, or bamboo, to reflect the natural light and magnify the bohemian energy in the room.

Image: design sponge, Carley photographer and interior stylist

Tie-Dye It

3. Tie-Dye It

You can’t beat tie-dye when it comes to a bohemian vibe. This colorful technique has all the right elements to make your laid-back décor bohemian chic.

Image: BindandFold

bohemian accent rugs

4. Leave The Floor Behind

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with covering your floor with accent rugs. Throw different patterns together in various rich shades.

Image: one kings lane

pillows ssitting to the floor boho styyle

5. Take Your Seating To The Floor

Sitting on the floor on soft pillows creates a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Add a low coffee table to place small oddities while lounging on the floor. Emphasize the bohemian atmosphere by adding a stack of interesting reading or art work on the floor for a more strategic look. Keep in mind, sitting on the floor, even with the most comfortable pillows, is not for everyone.

Image: design sponge

bohemian coffee table styling

6. Table Top Collection

Place peculiar items on your coffee table. Place lovely stones in ceramic ware trays and other natural components.

Image: paulina arcklin

bohemian colorful exotic Cluster Candles Together

7. Cluster Candles Together

Put exotic candles in a group, like the colorful ones you find at outdoor markets. Make use of differing shapes, heights, and scents. Don’t forget the incense!

classic bohemian living room

8. Go Classic

Tenebrous wood, floral wallpaper, multi-hued curtains, and lamps can create a stylish bohemian look if you use the right colors and textures.

bohemian Accent Pillows

9. Accent Pillows

You can’t beat accent pillows when it comes to bohemianism. There are 1000s of ways you can use pillows to create the perfect vibe. Large ones, small ones, velvet, pillows with needle point, or floral embroideries, they all work. Ottomans work as well.

Image: apartment thetrapy

bohemian Colorful Crochet

10. Colorful Crochet

The undeniable benchmark of bohemian interior décor is the crochet throw. Buy one or knit it yourself in multiple colors and throw it on the sofa or accent chair like its been there for ages.

Image: Urban Outfitters

What other ways can you think of to beautify your living room with bohemian ideas?

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    Love these ideas and examples. They’re so rich and inviting. However, you might want to learn the difference between macrame (the blue and white window covering in the last picture), crochet, and knitting.

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