10 Ways To Add Character To Your Living Room

gray and white living room with family photo frames on the wall

You can add a number of personal touches with objet d’art personal pieces, or DIY ideas to create a living room filled with character. Your living room is where you “live” in your home. Your tastes, favorite hues, textures, prints, and whatever inspires you is what you want to surround yourself with. This is what “character” represents.

Adding character means adding “your personal taste” regardless what is deemed the trend of the day. Here are a number of ways that you can make your living room reflect your unique character.

Image: house to home

10 Ways To Add Character To Your Living Room

living room with character 1

1. Get Down To Business

Write down a rough idea of your personal tastes counting the type of furniture, colors, textures, and whatever else inspires you and makes you feel good. This will be your basis when it comes to the other nine suggestions. Keep in mind, that you can combine your ideas.


Cabinet knobs are the Crowned Quartz Knob by Anthropologie

2. Change Door Knobs And Hinges For A Vintage Look

Switch knobs on doors, drawers, side tables, hinges, or whatever you like. Check out second hand stores, vintage places that may carry these types of historic pieces. Remember to stay true the outline you created in the first suggestion.

Image: Alice Lane Home

living room with character 3


3. Bring In The Rugs

Rugs are fantastic ways to bring out textures, patterns, and colors that match your personal style. There are tons to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a rug design that suits you.


living room with character 4


4. Mix And Still Match

If you haven’t purchased your living room furniture yet, mix and match pieces according to your preferences. Create your own personal theme in the space.

Image: eclectically vintage


coffee table book and white flowers roses on living room table

5. Don’t Forget About Accents

Choose accent pieces that speak to your character. Place your favorite coffee table book on your living room table. If you love flowers, display your favorite flowers in a vase that suits the shape of your character.

Image: Alice Lane Home


living room with character 6

6. Use Your Walls

Walls tell a story. Hang wall art to reflect your taste. Be versatile, and hang pieces that reflect different aspects of your décor style. Make them a conversation piece.


living room with character 7

7. Moldings Can Do The Trick

Moldings are a surefire means of adding in-depth character to your living room. If you prefer moldings on the ceiling, add it there. If you prefer molding as a wall base or near the floor add it there. Molding can be very decorative with various motifs as well.


living room with character 8

8. Wallpaper Works

There are a plethora of wallpapers to choose from. Just go for it! Wallpaper is becoming popular again and it’s a fantastic way to add character to a boring space.

living room with character 9

9. DIY Ideas

If you have a flair for DIY projects, try your hand at making pillows or a throw for your sofa.



living room with character 10

10. Paint It!

Paint, paint, paint! Paint works wonders. Referring to your outline, select your favorite colors and do something!

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