10 Things You Should Know Before You Choose Gill Gate Design

contemporary dark grey iron grill gate

Your grill gate design speaks a lot about your personality. Are you more concerned with aesthetics or with privacy? Do you want a tall grill gate which dwarfs you or do you prefer one which allows you to tiptoe and you can still see the street in front of the grill gate?


You might be in a situation wherein you still don’t have a gate, have one but it isn’t made of iron, or you already have a grill gate but you want it to look better?

Here are 10 things you should know before choosing your grill gate design:

  • Know the cost of a custom gate personalized for you

If you’re a DIY type of person, you have pretty much saved on the labor cost part. If you have welding equipment and gear, all you need to purchase is the iron components you’ll need which will set you back about $500.

But if you prefer to have it personalised for you, the cost will run from $1,500 to $4,000 for labor and materials. As you can see, there’s a huge difference in grill gate cost between a DIY and a contracted grill gate. If you’re a hands on person, there’s a certain satisfaction in doing it yourself.

  • Classic iron grill gate

Make it simple and have it painted in your favorite color like beige or green.

  • Vintage architecture grill gate

If you are fascinated by vintage looking grill gates, then let that be the look of your iron clad entrance. Make it as bulky looking as the turn of the century gates that you see in the movies.

  • Grill gate made of wrought iron with metal sheets

This is one grill gate design for individuals who value privacy. You’re not content with the wrought iron and you added the metal sheets so that you can’t be seen inside your home from the street.

  • Half see through and half covered grill gate

You want to break the monotony of either a fully covered or a completely see through grill gate. The usual design is that the top one half or three fourths of the gate is see through and the remaining part below is fully covered.

Large Pivot modern black grill gate
  • Modern black grill gate

Very chic and very modern. Black is always sleek and classy and the lines of the bars of your iron are straight and uninterrupted.

  • Small grill gate

You might want a front grill gate aside from the one for your car. Its size is just enough for people to enter and it usually has minimum design and details. Some people put vines climbing on top for effect.

Image: Smart Design Studio

  • Folding grill gate

Usually you see this gate design at shops downtown where you see the owners opening or closing for the day. You fold them up to open or to close. If you prefer, you can also make it your home’s front grill gate.

  • Metal grill gate as a front door

If you prefer it as a design aesthetic or as an added security feature, you can have installed an iron grill gate before your wooden main door. In this way, intruders will have to deal with 2 doors.

  • Sliding fully closed gate

It’s a space saving grill gate because instead of swinging it open outwards, it slides on levers down below and contracts, just like a sliding glass door, but this time, it’s your front grill gate. And it’s iron body is encased in a metal sheet that’s fully opaque, for privacy.

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