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10 Luxury Bathroom Furniture Ideas



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Modular bathroom furniture by Duebi Italy is made with great attention to the care of every detail. The goal is to satisfy all customer needs by creating elegant and refined bathroom interiors, suitable for those seeking a modern and functional decor while at the same time enhancing design and quality. From a deep-seated knowledge of materials and craftsmanship comes a range of modular bathroom furniture that can adjust to every shape, every style, from modern and contemporary ambiences to those hinting at the classics, albeit revisited in shape and size.

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Duebi Italia stands out as one of the industry leaders for designers and architects thanks to a quality bathroom furnishings output that includes lacquered furniture in different colours, matching sets of washbasin taps and hardware, lamps, mirrors and mirror units in modern and contemporary styles or classic revisited. The flexibility of the manufacturing process and the great attention to customer needs ensure that Duebi Italia’s bathroom furnishings will meet the most demanding standards. Just as the furnishing accessories, made with the most modern techniques to guarantee quality as well as elegant and refined solutions, whether overhead units, consoles, or mirror units.

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