10 Living Room Ideas On a Budget

living room on a budget

The living room forms the nerve center of the home. Everyone within the home passes through the living room not once but countless times every single day. We watch movies from the living room, kids play video games in the living room and we host visitors in the same room among many other activities.

Being the most frequented room within any home, home owners are always on the look out for ideas on living room improvement. Below, we take a look at 10 of the best contemporary living room ideas on a budget.

living room decorated with family photos

1. Make the room personal; display a few family photos and treasurers in open places. You don’t need any further outlay in getting family photos and the placement can be accomplished without paid labor.

living room on a budget recycled blue silk rug

2. Cover tired carpets with some nice rug. Rugs are rather cheap but look quite good on the floor. This is much cheaper than recovering the whole floor.

Rug by cb2.

living room on a budget decorating with pillows

3. Tinker with the arrangement of furniture. This is a great way of creating space within the room. You might just uncover some new space for extra accessories.

lighting living room on a budget

4. Change the lighting too if you feel this could add some spark to the living room. A simple change in shade and color are enough to give the home a much improved look.

living room bold coral color

5. Consider re-painting the wall to give it a fresher look. Don’t fear being bold with your color selection; you can always change it anytime

living room elegant light blue wallpaer

6. Introduce some pattern to your interiors by wallpapering only one of the four walls. This will save you some money since you don’t have to buy a lot of wall paper. Go for unique wallpaper with some nice artwork.

living room with blue navy gray curtains

7. Use curtains to introduce color and pattern to the living room. New curtains are the best option if you are thinking of getting some freshness into the room. As much as you are trying to work within a budget, fabric is another invaluable investment.

living room with oversize picture

8. Hanging an oversize picture in the room is also a great idea. It takes up most of the wall space and acts as the point of attention to anyone coming in. If the picture is a beautiful one, this tip will work brilliantly.

large mirror in living room

9. Hang a mirror. If you don’t want to buy a painting or print to hang on your wall, buy a mirror to brighten up your living room. Not only are mirrors a stylish and inexpensive way to liven your living space, but they also can make a small space look larger by creating a sense of depth in a room.

throw living room on a budget

10. Finally, give your sofas a re-touch by throwing in some bold colors. Alternatively, you could consider getting new cushions.

Living room improvement can be done in a number of ways depending on the size of the room and the available finances. When on a budget, the above tips are a good starting point.

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  1. I realized recently that I have referenced your work (via blog) for my livingroom, it has made my own home so much more beautiful and livable! I love this page, and i will bookmark it for useful knowledge. Thank you for all your hard work.

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