Living Rooms With Wall Lamps by Flos

Flos lighting is home to some of the most iconic designs in the lighting world. Check out these living rooms with beautiful decorative wall lamps.

living room with 265 wall lamp by flos

Decorative 265 Wall Lamp by Paolo Rizzatto for Flos. Model 265 wall lamp providing direct light with adjustable arm and reflector. Chrome-plated brass reflector support. Cast iron tapered counterweight.

Decorative 265 Wall Lamp by Paolo Rizzatto for Flos

living room with ariette wall lamp by flos

ARIETTE wall or ceiling-mounted lighting fixture providing diffused light with synthetic fabric diffuser.

living room with foglio decorative wall lamp by flos

FOGLIO wall lamp providing indirect light. Body formed from power-painted pressed steel with two nylon injection-molded white lamp holders.

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