40 Spectacular Stone Bathroom Design Ideas

stone batrhroom design with fireplace

I love stone in the bathroom! A beautiful stone is a special gift from Mother Earth and makes the bathroom feel elegant and natural at the same time. You can add some candles and your spa paradise is ready! Check out these 40 Spectacular Stone Bathroom Design Ideas.

raw stone and wood bathroom design

elegant stone bathroom 4 design with fireplace

stone bathroom design 5 design with wood sink top

bathroom design with wood wall and stone bathtub

natural stone bathroom design

traditional stone bathroom

white stone bathroom with free standing bathtub

raw stone black with wood and free standing tub

traditional and modern stone bathroom

french style stone bathroom design

high ceiling stone bathroom design

bathroom design with 2 stone bathtubs and chandelier

modern natural stone bathroom

stone bathroom with wood free bathub

grey stone bathroom design

natural stone bathroom 17 design

raw stone bathroom 18 design

bathroom design with raw stone wall and fireplace

modern stone bathroom 20 design

small stone bathroom design

awesome stone bathroom 22 design

amazing stone bathroom 23 design

bathroom design with exposed stone

traditional bathroom design 25 with stone wall

elegant stone bathroom 26 design

stone and concrete bathroom 27 design

modern stone bathroom 28 design

country stone bathroom 29 design

stone bathroom design with view fireplace and chandelier

stone bathroom 32 design

stone bathroom 30 design

stone rustic bathroom 32 design

cottage stone bathroom 33 design

stone bathroom 34 design

stone bathroom 35 design with silver free standing bathtub

stone bathroom 36 design

exotic stone bathroom 37 design

stone bathroom and grey bathtub 38 modern design

stone bathroom 39 design with large window and tv

stone bathroom 40 design

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    Lime Bathroom Showroom

    Stone features works particularly well with warm colours, ambient lighting, and plants. Imagine getting home after a winters day to a bathrooms like these. Great stuff!

  • Avatar

    Bathrooms Heald Green

    Wow, beautiful bathrooms. Some of these are so exotic looking, I can only imagine the relaxation. I think I’d want to spend all day in there. My favourite is the 3rd from the bottom.

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    Window Sills

    Amazing decoration ideas, all of them are beautiful! They have the perfect combination of textures: stone, wood, marble. This, in conjunction with the warm colors and overall decoration and lighting create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

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    Man and Van Wembley

    Amazing bathroom ideas. I hope my local bathstore will have all these nice things.

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    Robin ~ Ceriac Jacqueline

    Wow, beautifull bathrooms.

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    walk in shower ideas

    I love stone in the wet rooms too! A beautiful walk in shower can be made out of stone.

    I really like shower in 7th picture…

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    Tally erp 9 crack

    Thank you for this post, but it’s albeit naive: you’ll need much more than these small ideas if you are going to realize smth awesome. As far as I know, these bathroom ideas are trustworthy.

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    Ruth Nero

    I love the way the stones are used to create a very elegant bathroom design.

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