What If I Do Not Get Well With Anybody Just For Not Giving Out?

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While being generous and selfless is an admirable trait, it’s not your obligation to become this to others. Not giving out of necessity doesn’t make you a bad person because really, who wants to be around someone that gives out of obligation and compulsion? If you have extra, give not out of abundance, but give out of your own free will. Other people shouldn’t hold it against you if you don’t give out of necessity or abundance. In fact, doing this is a reflection of the purity of your heart. In this article, we’ll be talking about the answer to the question, “What if I do not get well with anybody just for not giving out?”

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Not giving out of necessity


To answer this question, it’s not your responsibility to give for the sake of others. When you choose to do so, you should give not out of abundance because there’s no heart in that. The fact that you choose to give because you’re willing and not because you have to or because you have an abundance of resources shows that you have it in your heart to give. Besides, you don’t deserve to have people in your life who stay because of your ability to give. While it’s a great trait, it shouldn’t be the defining factor of those around you. Giving is better done when you’re not giving out of necessity.

Give not out of abundance


There are so many beautiful traits to get along with someone with, whether that’s compassion or integrity. Giving alone shouldn’t be the basis of any existing friendship or relationship. Besides, that person you don’t get along with should realize that giving out of necessity or abundance isn’t the purest intent for generosity – it’s the opposite, frankly. Giving because you have the resources can be seen as an act of pride. Rather, when you give, even when you have almost nothing, that’s the most selfless act of all. There’s nothing that could ever compare to giving, even when you have just an adequate about or even when you aren’t being told to.

You must not ever think that you won’t get along with anybody because of this as that’s not true at all. Your ability to give isn’t connected with the certain relationships and friendships you’ve built. There’s a whole world in front of you and if people can’t accept you wholeheartedly because of this, it is them that doesn’t deserve your pure heart and intentions – not the other way around.



I hope this article was able to shed insight into the answer to the question, “What if I do not get well with anybody just for not giving out?” To sum this entire article up, you give not because of factors such as obligation and abundance, but because of the purity of your soul. When you give with that intent, it’s a remarkable reflection of who you are, including your capacity to give in the right heart. Giving was never supposed to be about obligations, but about those much greater than yourself.

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