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Tribeca Apartment With White-washed Palette

Tribeca Apartment With White-washed Palette by studio ID. STUDIO Interior Design is a boutique design firm committed to creating warm contemporary environments residential and commercial:  from urban lofts, vacation homes and stately residences to commercial spaces.  The STUDIO team weaves a sophisticated mix of modern elements into clean, beautiful, custom...

Distressed Decor With Modern Appeal

Distressed Decor With Modern Appeal

The distressed decor look has become the darling of interior designers. It makes sense, as distressed furnishings are extremely versatile and look absolutely ravishing when done properly. When against an all white backdrop, a distressed interior can be soft, practical, elegant, contemporary with hints of bohemian chic, or virile. Like...

Gorgeous Modern French Design Interiors (40 Pics)

Modern French contemporary parisian Interiors

French design interiors provide a stunning blend of sophistication that borrows from a variety of different styles. Incorporating bold new styles that blend seamlessly with more traditional designs to provide a chic and stylish palette. The style requires some focus but at the heart of this aesthetic is creating spaces...