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Time To Declutter: 21 Home Storage Solutions

corner kitchen drawers

If you are looking for a simple way of creating more living space or enjoying your environment, these home storage solutions will save you. It is well worth investing the time and thought to declutter your home. Amazingly, possessions can really accumulate. And with busy schedules, you can find yourself swamped with...

11 Small Bathroom Ideas You’ll Want to Try ASAP

Small bathrooms are one of the biggest challenges of decorating a house. On one hand, we can’t live only with some basic elements: toilet, sink, bathroom area ... And on the other, we have a small restricted bathroom. How to solve it? Making the most of the last millimeter of...

26 Kitchen Open Shelves Ideas

Kithen Open Shelves Industrial-style shelving made from plumbing pipes

Did you ever find yourself rummaging through cupboard after cupboard, looking for that favorite cereal bowl, the one you misplaced a week ago? Ever feel bothered by having your hands wander in dim light? Or trying to avoid the ten other plates you never use but still keep around? Ever...