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This Luxury London Apartment Shows How to Mix Styles with Ease

Are you wondering how to mix styles with ease? Well, considering that there are myriads of options and styles for your home decor you might feel overwhelmed by all the available alternatives. And you're right. But, have you ever thought of combining styles together as a solution? This luxury apartment...

A Modern Rustic-Chic British Inn

the wild rabbit hotel

A place to eat, drink and sleep. This is how you can describe this rustic-chic British inn. It is cozy, exceptionally beautiful and can make your day with its decor. Below you can check out some photos that reveal the quality architecture of this inn, along with some great furniture...

Fireplace Styles: 100+ Design Ideas

fireplace style design ideas 113

Your fireplace can be designed and decorated to become the focal point of your room. In fact, if you implement some of the fireplace ideas in this post, you can make it one of the selling points in your home. Whether you make use of your fireplace constantly or not,...