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Drew Barrymore’s Fall Home Line

Drew Barrymore's Fall Home Line

Feel more at home with the eclectic designs of Drew Barrymore Flower Home.  Are you ready to be awed? Drew Barrymore's home line is a whimsical, unpretentious collection of furniture and decor. It is the result of Drew’s own personal aesthetic—and her ability to draw from every genre, style and era! These gorgeous furnishings and...

26 Best Girl and Boy Shared Bedroom Design Ideas

girl and boy in same room 6

For parents living in a small home that lacks the needed number of bedrooms for each child to live separately, pairing the kids together becomes the only option. When two girls or two boys share the room decorating, designing and organizing the bedroom is an easy task. In fact it...

24 Teenage Girls Bedding Ideas

Teenage Girls Bedding Ideas

Every teenage girl wants a room she loves. True, finding the right bedding for teenage girl or girls (in case of sisters) is way too difficult. It has to match her personality and preferences. Yet, it should have the right decor and atmosphere that suits her age. There are many...

18 Boho Chic Living Rooms and How to Decorate Them

boho chic 10 living room ideas

Want to create a relaxed living room? If you love boho, eclectic decor with some vintage pieces, but with a modern twist, then Boho Chic is your style. In this article I am going to give you certain ideas for boho chic living rooms you will love! If this is...